How to get Creepers in Minecraft Legends

Creepers in Minecraft Legends – Minecraft Legends is an Action Strategy game developed by Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive. Xbox Game Studios is the game’s publisher, and it falls under their Minecraft Series. The game features both Single and Multiplayer Game Modes.

If you are a regular Minecraft player or have been playing for a long time, you should be curious about getting the Creepers or the Minecraft Mobs. But getting the Creepers in Minecraft Legends is not easy, and you need to know precisely how to get the Minecraft Mobs or Creepers in Minecraft Legends. So this article will guide you on how and where to get Creepers in Minecraft Legends.

Creepers in Minecraft Legends

How to find and get Creepers in Minecraft Legends

As soon as you drop into the Minecraft World, you will be able to encounter different mobs and creepers, and they are dangerous as some of them tend to blast, causing damage to you. But remember that these Creepers do not spawn automatically, and you need to make them spawn by using the Creeper Spawner.

Now you might be wondering why to spawn an explosive enemy like the Creeper. This is because Creepers are not on the enemy side, yes, they do explode, causing you damage as well, but they will fight alongside your side against the Piglins in Minecraft Legends. But ensure you maintain a safe distance while fighting the mobs, so the blasts won’t damage you.

So to unlock the Creeper, you must first find the Creeper Homestead. The Piglins capture this Homestead area; you must infiltrate and remove them. You can open up your map and use your compass to find every location of the Creeper Homestead. A fight will begin as soon as you reach the area, but remember that these fights against the Piglins can be challenging if not equipped with the correct gear.

If you are a new Minecraft Legends Player, you should initially focus on making your Cobblestone Golems and the Plank Golems. These will be your defense and attack army. The Cobblestone Golems have a protective approach and will protect you, while the Plank Golems have an attacking mindset. You can also bring in the Mossy Golem to heal your armies.

Don’t forget to recruit different Zombies and Skeletons to your army in Minecraft Legends because going alone into Creeper Homestead areas can be dangerous and challenging.

Creeper Spawner

To unlock the Creeper Spawner, you must first defeat a certain number of Piglins and then break the portal. Remember that the number of Piglins you need to defeat will change from match to match, and the game will tell you how many Piglins you need to eliminate at the beginning of the fight. Once you complete the conditions and unlock the Creeper Spawner from that area, you must collect the following items to make the Creeper Spawner.

  1. 25 Stones
  2. 25 Wood
  3. 5 Coal

When the Spawner is ready, you can make Creepers spawn by using 2 Coals, 2 Lapis, and a Flame of Creation. If you are struggling to find Lapis, then this article will help.

So this was all about how to find and get Creepers in Minecraft Legends.

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Last Updated on April 20, 2023

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