How to get Copper Ingot in V Rising

Copper Ingot V Rising – Stunlock Studios’ V Rising is the new talk of the town. People call it the “Valheim with Vampires”, and it feels pretty similar, to be honest. V Rising is an excellent Survival game that features Vampires. You start your journey as a weak vampire, and through lots of building, hunting, and conquering, you climb your way up to the top level of the hierarchy. You can choose to explore the massive open-world solo or with your friend in the co-op mode. Pillage villages, raid camps, force your way to the different territories. Do whatever you have to grow.

V Rising is one of those indie titles that shows that you do not need a huge budget to make a successful game. Even in its Early Access, the game is doing exceptionally well. It has already around 80k concurrent players, and the count is only increasing every minute.

When starting the game, you will be a weak vampire without much power and weapons. You have to unlock the weapons in the game, but the copper Weapons are the ones that you should be targeting. Initially, you might be confused about where to get the Copper ores because those are typically not found in the loot piles, just like most other metals. To acquire Copper, you will need to break rocks. The copper-containing rocks look different and distinguishable from the other rocks in the game.

So this article will guide you on how to craft Copper Ingot in V Rising game.

How to get Copper Ingot in V Rising

Copper Ingot is one of the essential items in the game. It is mainly used in weapons to get to Castle Heart Level 2. To get the Copper ingot, you would first find the Copper ore. Here are the steps to craft and get Copper Ingot in V Rising.

  1. Upgrade your Mace to Reinforced Bone Mace first
  2. To do that, you will first have to set up a Simple Workbench, that you can unlock by doing normal objectives, and progressing in the game
  3. Once you get the weapon, look for the orange-colored stones that you can break to get Copper Ore
    How to get Copper Ore in Destiny 2
  4. Press the “B” Button and go to Production. Click on the Refinement tab and select Furnace. Now build the furnace. You will need 60 Copper Ore and 480 Stone to build a Furnace
  5. Once you are near the furnace interact with it by pressing the “F” button. Also, ensure that you have enough blood in your Castle Heart. Please note that no production can happen if there is no blood in the Castle’s heart.
  6. The inventory will automatically open and drop the copper ore into the furnace where it says “Input”. You will be needing a total of 20 copper ores to make a copper ingot

So this was all about how to get copper ingot in V Rising game. Prior to starting this mission, don’t forget to mine some copper ores as it will be necessary to upgrade the weapons and the Castle Heart.

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Last Updated on June 3, 2022

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