How to get Centuria Ore in MHR Sunbreak

Centuria Ore in MHR Sunbreak – Monster Hunter Rise’s most anticipated expansion is Sunbreak, ultimately released by Capcom. In this brand-new expansion, you may expect new monsters and armaments, and the new world of Elgado Outpost welcomes you with its new locales.

Sharpen your sword to hunt dreadful monsters, craft your material or explore plenty of scattered resources in this action game. One such new resource is Centuria Ore.

Centuria Ore is a rare material in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. It shows up after you get the Master Rank with a grey icon. You can use them to create powerful armor and build sets from new monsters in this expansion.

But, getting this rare material is pretty hard. Thankfully, there are some valuable tips on how to get Centuria Ore in MHR Sunbreak. Follow this article to start your Centuria Ore Farm.

How to get Centuria Ore in MHR Sunbreak

You can get Centuria ore from Citadel, a new region in Sunbreak. You can find this rare resource in white and blue mining outcrops scattered all over Citadel, which means you can collect almost two dozen outcrops in this location. Here are all the Centuria Ore locations:

Centuria Ore Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You can find the locations of the White Outcrops below:

  • Head to the south and explore between Area 6 and Area 5.
  • Next will be the southwestern part of Area 5.
  • Afterward, step to a short walk east of Area 5.
  • Now, head to the far east of Area 5, which is close to the map.
  • Finally, explore the southwest of Area 13.
  • Don’t forget to run towards the south of Area 3, southeast of Area 2, and north of Area 2.
  • You can also find white outcrops in Areas 10 and 12, located in the center of the map.

Here are the locations where you can collect Blue Outcrops below:

  • At first, go straight to the south and explore Area 7 and Area 6.
  • Next, move to the east of Area 9.
  • While exploring the map, run to the edge to the northeast of Area 4.
  • Explore the short distance north of Area 12.
  • Lastly, the center of Area 12 and Area 1 southeast of Area 2.

Ensure that you equip the Geologist skill to acquire more after exhausting an outcrop for the first time.

Once you’ve collected all your Centuria Ore, you can use them while preparing Lunagaron Mail and Garangolm Helm recipes. You can also utilize them to make Snowshear and Jelly sets. If we compare those two headline sets, Lunagaron set will be better to use due to its higher resistances. But don’t expect fire and thunder resistance in those headlines.

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Last Updated on July 17, 2022

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