How to get Bolt in Raft

Raft is an oceanic adventure game developed by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games. Initially, this simulation game was released as early access in 2018. At present, you can explore the full version with its final chapter.

You’re playing as a forsaken person on this dangerous island who wants to survive. Be aware of man-eating sharks that are ready to end your game.

But, Raft is trying to help you with its Trusty Hooks, Fishing Rods, Spears, Antennas, and so on. You can find them while exploring the Raft world or craft them on your own using materials like Bolts. It’ll be a tough match while discovering Bolt in the Raft. So, I would like to share how to get Bolt in Raft in this article.

How to get Bolt in Raft

As I earlier said, Bolts are used to craft your Hooks, Fishing Rod, Spears, Antennas, and even Clocks. But it’s hard to find on these islands.

To get Bolt, you need to look for Barrels, that float in the blue sea. Barrels have a possibility of dropping Bolts, so grab them by using your Hook and unlock them to get them. You can also start your loot in Vacated Rafts, Story island, and Abandoned Huts. Here, you can find loot boxes with various resources, which means it won’t provide one particular resource. And these chests have a chance to spawn Bolt.

Since Bolts are hard to find, you can craft Bolt by using Metal Ingot. But for that, all you need is a Smelter. To build a Smelter, you need:

  • 4x Plank
  • 6x Dry Brick
  • 4x Scrap
  • 6x Nail

The required material to craft your Bolts is Metal Ingot, which can be crafted by smelting Metal Ore. You can get Metal Ore from the submerged walls of islands. To do this, traverse near the island and jump to the water using the anchor. Here, you can get Metal Ores on the walls.

Once you get your Metal Ingot, just go to your Crafting menu, select “Resources”, and craft your Bolt. You can craft a single Bolt using 1x Metal Ingot. Which, in my opinion, is quite a heavy requirement. I was expecting to get at least 2 Bolts from a single Metal Ingot.

How to craft Bolt in Raft

Considering that fact, how important Metal Ingots are in Raft, 1 Bolt from 1 Metal Ingot is a bit high. Metal Ingot is an endgame resource, and you will find yourself needing it almost everywhere.

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Last Updated on July 18, 2022

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