How to get Blood Rose Potion in V Rising

Blood Rose Potion V Rising – V Rising is basically a survival game, and as any survival game goes, the main motive is to stay alive and conquer. In V rising, you’re bound to come across hundreds of enemies if not more. Moreover, you have to walk in the shadows if it’s daytime outside, as a result of it, you’re going to lose health when/if you pick a fight with them or roam outside.

So, what’s the best way to heal in V Rising? Well, there are plenty, and I have already covered them in this article.

But, what happens when you are in the middle of the fight? You cannot actually start using Blood Mend. You will get eliminated, for sure. So, what is the undisputed way to heal during fights in V Rising? Well, let’s talk about that.

How to get Blood Rose Potion in V Rising

Using Potions is your best bet on healing in V Rising. Farming Blood Rose and Brewing a Blood Rose Potion is what you should look for. Among all the other options, this is considered the best. The Blood Rose Potion heals you for 5.5% of your maximum health every 1 second, for 10 seconds.

To get Blood Rose Potion in V Rising, you first need to go and eliminate Christina the Sun Priestess. She drops the recipe for Blood Rose Potion. She also drops the recipes for Glass and Empty Glass Bottle, which are also needed to make Blood Rose Potion.

How to get Blood Rose Potion Recipe

To make Blood Rose Potion, you need 80x Blood Rose and 1 Water-filled Bottle. Blood Rose can be found in the Gleaming Meadows part of the Farbane Woods region, which is located in the northwest of the map.

Best Location to get Blood Rose in V Rising

To get Water-filled Bottle, you need to first make 1x Empty glass bottle with 4x Glass, using your Alchemy Table. You can easily make glass with 20x Quartz, using the Furnace. Once you are done make the Empty glass bottle, and equip it on one of your quick-use slots (1-9), go near any water body and press the button to fill up your Empty glass bottle with water.

Once you have obtained everything, take those 80x Blood Rose and 1x Water-filled Bottle to the Alchemy, and make your Blood Rose Potion.

Blood Rose Potion Recipe V Rising

The Alchemy Table can be unlocked by Defeating Clive the Firestarter. Defeating him is considered quite easy as all it takes is for you to have a ranged weapon, and you run around in circles.

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Last Updated on June 4, 2022

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