How to get Ball Bearings in The Cycle Frontier

Ball Bearings The Cycle Frontier – The Cycle: Frontier is a PvPvE title from Yager. Once you’ve entered the mystery world, you should be careful with your steps every 20 minutes since you’re playing as a prospector in this free-to-play game.

In this first-person shooter game, you can get awesome rewards, if you love the risks. Get ready with your armaments to defeat monsters, enigmatic aliens, and even your fellow players in this PvPvE mosh pit.

In this adventure game, having an essential crafting item like Ball Bearings will help you defeat your enemies. You can use Ball Bearing to print various machines that consist of parts that move. The use of Ball Bearing in The Cycle is quite similar to the real world, actually. But, it is pretty rare to find it in The Cycle Frontier. Here is how to get Ball Bearings in The Cycle Frontier.

How to get Ball Bearings in The Cycle Frontier

How to get Ball Bearings in The Cycle Frontier

Ball bearings are rare, so knowing their spawn location will reduce your time to get them. Ball bearings hold a value of 3 FP, and 338 K- marks.

They spawn only in Dumpsters and Industrial Crates. But from what I have seen, Dumpsters have a higher chance of spawning Ball Bearings than Industrial Crates. For example – A Tier 2 Industrial Crate only has a 3.17% chance of spawning them. Whereas, a Tier 2 Dumpster has a 6% chance of spawning Ball Bearings.

In Bright Sands, the best location to get Ball Bearings is Base Camp, which is right in the middle of the map. The only problem is, Base Camp, being a POI, remains crowded most of the time. So stay prepared for some PvP action every time you got there.

The next will be the East Collection Point, which you can find near the Base Camp. Afterward, on the same top side of the Base Camp, you’ll find a Dig Site where you can get many Dumpsters and Industrial Crates. Finally, move to the bottom of Bright Sands, where you can collect your Ball Bearings at the Water Facility.

Best Locations to get Ball Bearings in Bright Sands - The Cycle Frontier

Once you’ve collected all your loot from the Bright Sands, move to the Crescent Falls. You can get a lot of Dumpsters and Industrial Crates in Green Prospect, located in the middle of the map. Again, this location has the same problem as Base Camp. Stays crowded most of the time.

Best Locations to get Ball Bearings in Crescent Falls - The Cycle Frontier

The next best location to get Ball Bearings would be Lakeside Building. Plenty of Tier 3 and Tier 4 Dumpsters and Industrial Crates there.

Finally, you can try heading over to Nutrion Farm Processing. That place has a good concentration of Dumpsters and Industrial Crates, especially the Tier 5 and Tier 4 ones.

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Last Updated on June 25, 2022

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