How to get Autoloader in The Cycle Frontier

Autoloader The Cycle Frontier – Yager challenges you with its brand-new action game titled The Cycle: Frontier. It is a free-to-play PvPvE action game. Once you enter Fortuna III, you’ll feel the effect of holding your breath. If you’re new to this game, your first step will be more suspense with unexpected dangers. Be careful of your every movement on this planet.

You’re playing as prospectors in this first-person shooter game. Explore the world of aliens, deserted by the deadly storm and monsters. Here, you can get higher rewards than you ever expect if you make your step wisely.

Alright, you’re stuck up in the world of aliens. While trying to escape from the monster’s attacks or your neighbors, you may find something interesting that is helpful to print things. Yes, it’s an Autoloader. In this article, I would like to share how to get Autoloader in The Cycle Frontier. Let’s find out!

Autoloader - The Cycle Frontier

How to get Autoloader in The Cycle Frontier

In The Cycle Frontier, Autoloaders are used to print different things, like weapons. Autoloaders are challenging to locate since it’s as rare as a four-leaf clover in this shooter game. You can find this stack of 10 with 6 kilos weighted items in high-traffic areas in Crescent Falls and Bright sands.

High-traffic areas mean you will encounter a lot of people, including low to high-level monsters. Since you’re in the danger zone, you might meet the extreme of the most dangerous monsters like Jeffrey, the Marauder. Make sure of your health condition before you’re entering into this zone.

As I said earlier, you can find Autoloader in high-traffic areas in Crescent Falls and Bright sands. You have to look for Industrial Crates and Hidden Stashes, because that is where you will get your Autoloaders.

In Bright Sands, the best location to get Autoloader is Crashed Ship, which is located in the top-left corner of the map. Here is the exact location:

Best location to get Autoloader in Bright Sands - The Cycle Frontier

In Crescent Falls, you have the two clear areas on the right side of the map with the highest chance of getting an Autoloader. The Starport Admin area will be the first location holding the highest amount of Autoloader, and the second one will be in the tented area around the Oasis. You will find it in the right-side corner of the map. Remember that you’re entering a high-traffic site crowded with people and threatening monsters, so mind your every step. Here is a location where you can Autoloader almost every time:

Best location to get Autoloader in Crescent Falls - The Cycle Frontier

An Industrial Crate has a 2.31% to 2.09% chance of spawning an Autoloader. So look for the Industrial Crate in both maps carefully. You can also create an autoloader from Shock Absorber, Hydraulic Piston, and Aluminum Scrap.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2022

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