How to get Ant Dune Buggy in Saints Row 2022

Ant Dune Buggy Saints Row – Saints Row is out, and it has received a mixture of good and bad reviews but nevertheless we are having a lot of fun in the game. To add more to that fun, we have also managed to unlock the Ant Dune Buggy which is said to be a dream car for Alien Hunters.

The game is set in a fictional city of Santo Ileso located in southwest America and is based on the city of Las Vegas, run by three criminal gangs. The protagonist is an ex-gang member from one of those three groups of criminals with the motive to take back the control of the city from those three gangs by forming his very own group. The driving and the shooting experience has primarily been improved along with a new set of character creation options which would include gender selection as well.

Since the game is an Open world, you won’t be able to enjoy traveling long distances without a good vehicle or car in this instance. The game features a variety of terrain, so you would need a car that is not only fast but can help you go off-road as well. The specific one we are talking about is the Ant dune buggy. You will be able to find it near the Southeast Desert. You have to collect the different parts of the buggy and put them together to craft the Ant Dune Buggy car.

So this article will guide you on how to get Ant Dune Buggy in Saints Row Game.

How to get Ant Dune Buggy in Saints Row 2022

You will be able to get special vehicles like the Ant dune buggy in Saints Row 2022 by going to the Lost Discovery points that are spread across desert areas on the map. You will first have to go to the Rojas Desert in the South. Likewise, you will be able to find it in the south-east corner of the map and by collecting all the necessary items you will be able to get your very own special Ant Dune Buggy in Saints Row Reboot Game.

These are three points from where you will be able to collect the parts to build the Ant Dune Buggy.

Lost Wheels – Discovery Point 1

ant dune buggy location 1

The first Lost Wheels Discovery Point location is near the Ringers Clothing Store which is located in the Northwest. Lookout for an old metal building that has a crane in the front. You will be able to find the lost wheels discovery on the crane itself. Once you discover the first point, you will be eligible to unlock the Roll Cage.

Lost Wheels – Discovery Point 2

ant dune buggy location 2

Head down the hill and come near a small lake where you will find some of the NPCs resting and camping. Go around the lake, and you will be able to find the Lost Wheels Discovery location. Once you get to that location the Dune Buggy Tires will be unlocked for you.

Lost Wheels – Discovery Point 3

ant dune buggy location 3

You will be able to get the third lost wheel if you head towards the north from the second point near the edge of the mountain. Look out for a kinetic sculpture and upon finding it you will be able to get the Heavy Real Coil Springs.

Lost Wheels – Discovery Point 4

ant dune buggy location 4

For the fourth wheel, you will first have to head to the north again. You will be able to find it on a big rock. But you won’t be able to climb it without a helicopter or a wingsuit. To access it first you have to the nearest mountain and get to the point where you can see the mining facility and jump off. Make sure you have your Wingsuit equipped and once you fly over it you will be able to unlock the engine.

Lost Wheels – Discovery Point 5

ant dune buggy location 5

Like the fourth discovery point, the fifth discovery point is also on the top of the rock. Although this won’t be a tough one for you because you can easily get a helicopter from the fourth location itself, and you can use that to get to the last one. If in case you don’t find the helicopter simply use the ramp which is nearby and get to the last discovery point and finally unlock the Racing Top which is the final piece of the puzzle to get the Dune Buggy.

Once you have acquired all the parts you will be able to get the Dune Buggy ready to drive in your garage at your resident apartment.

So this was all about how to get Ant Dune Buggy in Saints Row.

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Last Updated on August 24, 2022

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