How to get and use Poncho in Stray

Stray Poncho – Stray is a highly anticipated game Single player game we have been waiting for a long time. The game was developed by the BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive.

This is a journey of a stray cat who fell into this cruel world populated by machines, robots, and viruses to get back to its family. The game features an open-world third-person adventure experience by focusing more on the exploration and atmosphere elements in the game. You can control the cat, solve puzzles, cross obstacles, and traverse various platforms.

After a particular stage in the game, you will get a Drone called B12, which will help you store food items and will help you translate the robot language. You will face enemies known as Zurks, and keep in mind that these enemies attack in swarms.

You will be able to collect many items in the game and exchange them with the NPC robots inside the game for Badges and other things. Some items you can optionally collect to unlock an achievement or badge, like the Energy cans, for example. But in the case of Poncho, you will need to progress through the game. So this article will guide you on how to get Poncho and also help you find the Super Spirit Detergent and the Electric cable so that you can repair the broken tracker. Also, note that you need to start looking for Poncho from the fourth chapter itself, but you need to find it by the end of Chapter six.

How to get and use Poncho in Stray

Follow the steps to get Poncho quickly in Stray.

First, Get the Super Spirit Detergent

take super spirit detergent

To get the Super Spirit Detergent, you must find a Guardian Robot and get to the rooftop. Once there, you will find some robots throwing paint cans from the other side of the roof. Get to the robot on the lower roof first; he is the target. Don’t make much noise while approaching them. They can be easily startled when hearing loud noises. Once you are near them, interact with them and talk to them.

The game will prompt you to Meow. Press the Alt key on your keyboard before the robot drops the paint can. He will drop the colour on the street, and an angry robot will spawn that runs the laundry nearby. As soon as the paint drops, the door gets unlocked. Get back to the streets and walk past the door that just opened, and once you step inside, you will find two tables. Jump on the table and collect the Super Spirit Detergent bottle right next to the Super Spirit box.

Secondly, get the Electric Cable

electric cable

To get the Electric Cable, you must take the Super Spirit Detergent to Azooz. He is a robot who runs a shop, and you can get the Electric cable by trading it with the Super Spirit Detergent.

Finally, get the Poncho


Once you have the electric cable in your B12 Drone’s backpack, head to the Guardian robot and find a signpost. Follow those signs, which will lead you to Grandma’s Clothing Store. You will now have to trade the electric cable, so she can make the Poncho for you. But the Poncho can be used on a nearby robot for its warmth.

How to use Poncho in Stray

warm elliot with poncho

After you have acquired the Poncho, you will have to follow the signpost leading towards Elliot’s repair shop. Look for a red door with a lot of posters and writing. Scratch the door, and one of the robots will answer. Get inside the house by sliding through the door. Go upstairs and find Elliot. Hand over the Poncho to him, and he will offer you some of his repair services in return.

If you have the Broken Tracker you can give it to Elliot, and he will fix it for you. But if you don’t have it then you can continue towards the next chapter in the game.

So this was all about how to get and use Poncho in Stray.

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Last Updated on July 22, 2022

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