How to get Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game

Amanda Fisher Evil Dead – The most anticipated survival horror game, Evil Dead: The Game, was launched on the 13th of May. This co-op game came from Saber interactive and Boss Team Games.

Evil Dead: The Game has a handful of characters that can be unlocked by playing simple matches, and undoubtedly Amanda Fisher is one of them.

She is the best hunter who focuses on the pistol class. Which makes her an outstanding Survivor Class right off the bat. So why not add Amanda Fisher, a rogue police detective, to your list. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to get Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead The Game.

How to get Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead

Unlocking Amanda Fisher will be a pretty long road. You will have to complete the mission named Kill ‘Em All.

How to unlock Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead

Start by locating a yellow car with a white hood. Once you find it, you will have to “Move on to the next Deadite Infestation Area.” Complete the mission by defeating 12 Deadite, and of course, it’s not an easy take. The Deadite can be found in Deadite Infestation Zone, which is on an open field near the Railway Loop. Once you finish off those Deadite, leave the place.

Deadite Infestation Area near Railway Loop - Evil Dead

It’s time to move on to the next Deadite Infestation Zone, which is located between Royal Oak Cemetery and Dead End, to beat nine Deadites. During this fight, you will be facing an extremely powerful Deadite called Eligos. The fight might make you sweat. It’s a common suggestion to play at the safest distance and land calculated blows. Once you beat it, get ready for the final call at the next location.

At last, prepare yourself to defeat four more Deadite who are ready at the Fairview Campground. Be alert, as, in this area, you will find Eligos attacking from various directions, again. It will be hard to defeat Eligos due to its teleport speed and strategy of beating you from the back. Once you successfully defeated Eligos. Congratulations, now you can unlock Amanda Fisher.

It’s time to use the active skills of Amanda which provides you with endless ammo for a short time period. Don’t forget to utilize her trusty Sidearm, which permits you to start the match with a firearm. Feel free to apply the Accuracy Counts to boost the damage dealt by various weapons with a single successive attempt. Finally, try to use the Weapon Master Pistol skill to boost the damage and attack speed of pistols which also helps to increase the balance bar and dismemberment range.

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Last Updated on May 15, 2022

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