How to get Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Afflicted Bone MHR – One of the most anticipated releases of 2022, the Sunbreak Expansion, that Capcom has been teasing for a long time, is finally here. This new expansion has brought a ton of new content to the game. And Monster Hunter fans are enjoying every bit of it.

The expansion features a new hub area called the Elgado Outpost. The expansion brings new enemies, monsters, and a better set of missions and quests. The game also updated its camera features and introduced the all-new Switch skill swap techniques.

Now, we all know that there are a ton of different types of materials in Monster Hunter Rise. Some are easy to get while getting some could prove to be an absolute nightmare.

The Afflicted Bone is a Rarity 8 Monster Material, that is used to upgrade some weapon trees and craft Decorations. Mostly, people are going to need the Afflicted Bone to upgrade some of their weapons to Rarity 10. Spending those on Decorations is kind of useless.

In this article, I will show you how to get Afflicted Bone is Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

How to get Afflicted Bone in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

You can get Afflicted Bone from Afflicted Monsters that you can find by doing the Afflicted Research quests. These afflicted monsters have a 20% chance of dropping Afflicted Bone as “Broken Part” Reward or “Carves” Reward.

The monsters that can drop the Afflicted Bone are Volvidon, Arzuros, and Lagombi. They all have a 20% drop chance. Lagombi is probably the easiest to takedown among these 3, so keep an eye for the quest where you have to slay an afflicted Lagombi. Of course, if you have a powerful build, you can take down all the 3 monsters with ease.

Afflicted Azuros in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Now, the farm for Afflicted Bones is not that easy, as the chances are pretty low. On top of that, Afflicted Monsters are pretty hard to come by. As the Afflicted Research Quests are not that common. Also, collecting one or two Afflicted Bones won’t solve the problem. You need a whopping 7 Afflicted Bones, if you want to upgrade your weapons to Rarity 10.

Here are all the weapons that require Afflicted Bones to be able to get upgraded to Rarity 10:

  • Dark Spear+
  • Vortax+
  • Bonebreaker Veil+
  • Rhenoplos Spear+
  • Volvi Swindler+
  • Dark Hunter+
  • Watchtower+
  • Kaiser Kommandant+
  • Carapace Cannon+
  • Exadrill Lance+
  • Barong Kutot+

Here are all the Decorations that require Afflicted Bone:

  • Hard Bolt Jewel 3 – You need 7 Afflicted Bones.
  • Hard Dragon Jewel – You need 7 Afflicted Bones.
  • Mighty Bow Jewel 4 – You need 3 Afflicted Bones.

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Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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