How to Get Aether’s Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2 is a video game developed and presented by Cellar Door games. It is the direct sequel to the 2013 version of the game “Rogue Legacy”, only released for windows via early access in August 2020. The full version of the game finally got released on April 28, 2022, for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox series S.

Rogue Legacy 2 is an indie platformer that kind of follows the paths of roguelike and Metroidvania. As this game also focuses on guided non-linearity and utility-gated exploration and progression. You get to control a knight who must explore dynamically generated dungeons in order to gain wealth and eliminated opponents.

While knights have swords and shields and mages have the ability to perform magic, the game includes several new gameplay classes. The Ranger, who can create platforms and fire arrows, and the Barbarian, who wields an axe, are two of the new classes. Players will have to restart the game from the beginning, if their knight gets eliminated in the game.

So, to prevent that, you will have to make sure that you have all the things necessary to survive. AT ALL COST! And this is where Aether’s Wings come into play. Here is how you can get them.

How to Get Aether’s Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

To get Aether’s Wings, you need to acquire Echo’s Boots, first. In order to obtain them, you are supposed to get to Axis Mundi, which is a biome to the right-side of Citadel Agartha. You are to look for the door at the top, and you must climb the tower using your spin-jump technique, and finally, you are supposed to jump off of the tower’s left side and stay close to the external wall while you fall to acquire. That is how you can get the Echo’s Boots.

After obtaining the Echo’s Boots, you must start your way to Kerguelen Plateau (for which the echo boots are needed). In this area, you come by a ledge, next to a body of water. You have to approach the ledge. You can spin-jump to the right since the water’s surface is a Resonant object. Keep following this path you will finally receive Aether’s Wings and an Insight.

Aether's Wings Location - Rogue Legacy 2

The actual utility of the Aether’s Wings is to double jump. These wings seem to be one of the most heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2. It’s a known fact that double jumping will help you cover the terrain much quicker and easier, and acquiring the Wings is quite worth its while.

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Last Updated on May 10, 2022

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