How to get a perfect start in F1 2022

Perfect Start F1 22 – F1 22 is finally out across all major platforms. As one of the top contenders for “Best Racing Game of 2022”, F1 22 offers a raw racing experience. It is also the official video game of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship. On PC, the game is available on Steam, EA Play/Origin, and Epic Games Store.

The most significant difference between F1 22 and the previous F1 titles is that EA Sports have published the 2022 F1 title. Codemasters are still holding the position of developers, though. Due to new regulations implemented exclusively for the Formula One World Championship 2022, the cars have been completely revamped. And now, they feature new models and reworked physics.

It is crucial to get an excellent perfect start in any race when playing F1 2022. Having an ideal start will not only lead you to a higher position, but you will also have an opportunity to use your racing skills to overtake the front car with the hopes of finishing the first place or the race off with a podium. The tactics of getting a good headstart depend upon the settings you use in the game. Other factors include qualifying positions, the course, and the car itself. If the automatic shifting and traction controls are enabled, then hitting the perfect start is easy. Disabling those settings makes the game more challenging.

So this article will guide you on how to make a perfect start in F1 2022.

How to make a perfect start in F1 2022

How to get a perfect start in F1 2022

Unlike other arcade racing games, F1 doesn’t feature start boosters as it is a realistic simulation game, so getting a perfect start can depend on your control settings. Doing it in your first few minutes or a couple of races in the game can be pretty challenging. You must practice it on a track a few times before getting it done perfectly. You will have to practice the timing when to accelerate before you try out a Grand Prix race. You will likely be spinning out of the track and crashing if you don’t. Like in real life, the F1 drivers practice their perfect head starts, braking, and cornering before even trying a race. Firstly, don’t hesitate to get an excellent headstart to get hold of the initial lead and maintain consistency throughout the race.

You can improve your car’s traction to get a good start if the race you are playing has a formation lap like the Career modes. Since the game is a racing simulator, actual life events like tire temperatures also make a difference in the game. You can try weaving back and forth to warm your tires. To get the perfect start, your tire temperatures should be around 90 degrees Celcius or 194 degrees Fahrenheit. If your tires are warm, they will grip the road much better, increasing traction. If you are not doing this, you will lose the initial headstart as soon as the race begins.

So this was all about making a perfect start in F1 2022.

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Last Updated on July 4, 2022

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