How to get 100% Blood Quality in V Rising

V Rising is finally here, and people are calling it the “Valheim with Vampires”. Don’t know about anybody else. To me, it kind of feels quite similar, to be honest. Except, V Rising has a top-down view. Unlike Valheim, which has a third-person view. Before we head over to the main topic, a little intro about the game.

V Rising is a Survival game that features Vampires. Your job, as a Vampire, is to Build, Hunt, Conquer, and Rise as a supreme overlord in the world of the living. You begin your journey as a weak vampire and climb your way up to the top level of the hierarchy. Hunt for blood in nearby settlements to regain your strength, while hiding from the scorching sun to survive.

You can choose to explore the massive open-world solo or with your friend in the co-op mode. Pillage villages, raid camps, force your way to the different territories. Do whatever you have to, to grow.

Anyway, apart from the usual “surviving”, players also have to take care of their Blood Quality and Blood Levels. The better your Blood Quality percentage, the higher will be your Blood Level, and if you reach Level 5 on your Blood Level, then you will be able to unlock all the perks that come with each level of Blood.

To unlock all five Blood Levels, you need 100% Blood Quality. And in this article, I will tell you how.

How to get 100% Blood Quality in V Rising

Blood Quality, in V Rising, doesn’t work in the way everyone thought it doesn’t initially. There are different Blood Types in the game, but you can own only one type at a time. You obviously change your Blood Type, by feeding on different enemies with different Blood Types.

Different enemies come with different Blood Quality percentages. Early in the game, you will see enemies who have Blood Quality percentages ranging from 1% to 10%. So, initially, what I thought was, that if I feed on 10 enemies with 10% Blood Quality then I would be able to get 100% quality easily. But unfortunately, that’s not how things work in V Rising. The Blood Quality percentages don’t stack. So, if you feed on an enemy with 10% blood quality, and you then go and feed on another enemy with 10% blood quality, your Blood Quality percentage stays at 10%. The worse, is if you manage to feed on an enemy with high Blood Quality percentage, and then you go and feed on an enemy with an inferior blood quality. Your Blood Quality percentage will go down, and so will your Blood Level.

To get 100% Blood Quality in V Rising, you will have to feed on a single enemy with 100% Blood Quality. Which is not easy at all. And even if you manage to find one, and get your Blood Quality to 100%. You won’t stay up there for long. As you lose blood from your blood pool over time. And to fill your blood pool, you will again have to feed on another enemy. So maintaining 100% Blood Quality is very difficult in V Rising.

The location where I found my first 100% Blood Quality enemy is in the Cave where Errol the Stonbreaker is located. The place is called Bandit Copper Mine. Here is the exact location:

Where to find Enemies with 100% Blood Quality

I found actually two enemies with 100% Blood Quality at this location. Both were Poachers and they both had Rogue Blood Type, which I think is the best blood type in the game. They were level 26 yellow health bar enemies, and pretty easy to take down and feed on.

Poacher with 100% Rogue Blood Type

As you progress further into the game, you will start spotting more 100 Blood Quality enemies. But during my early stages in the game, this is where I found my first 100% Blood Quality enemy.

If you think this guide had helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out the other V Rising guides on Frondtech. Good luck!

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Last Updated on June 9, 2022

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