How to fix Silver Wolf Softlock Issue in Honkai Star Rail

Fix Silver Wolf Softlock Issue – Honkai Star Rail is a Role Playing Adventure game developed by miHoYo in China. It is a Gacha game that was released as a Windows and Mobile based, but later on, decided that it would be released on PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles.

At the beginning of your gameplay, just like all the other games, the game would make decisions on your behalf to explain the basics. There is no way that you can bypass it till you finish this tutorial. However, many players have complained of facing a soft lock issue after Kafka meets Silver Wolf. When both these characters pair up and go on to their first-ever battle with the Voidranger, the bug appears (right after this pairing). This has made many players wonder what they are doing wrong in the battle tutorial.

If you have also been facing the same soft lock issue in the Silver Wolf’s first fight in the game Honkai Star Rail, then we are here for your rescue. Keep reading to get the fix.

How to fix Silver Wolf Softlock Issue in Honkai Star Rail

How can you fix the Silver Wolf Softlock issue in Honkai Star Rail?

To fix the HSR Softlock issue in the Silver Wolf’s first fight, All you need to do is remember to avoid using Kafka’s skill. When the game asks you to use Silver Wolf’s Ult, you need energy saved. Kafka’s skill would use up all the energy and leave you nothing. A part of the tutorial showcasing Silver Wolf’s Ultimate comes immediately after Kafka’s turn. So to avoid getting the same bug repeatedly, ensure you don’t waste energy on Kafka’s skill and ultimate too. The above fix was shared by creativeyoinker11, a Reddit user. Fortunately, this fix has worked for a lot of players. 

However, some players have also complained of trailblazers running into a glitch. This comes after you press Silver Wolf’s Ult. In this scenario, the game skips the animation again, and the player gets soft-locked from the battle. Another Reddit user suggested waiting for a while or restarting the game. 

That pretty much sums up everything there is to know about the Fixing Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Softlock issue. If your problem keeps on persisting then you have no other choice but to wait for a patch or contact Star Rail support.

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Last Updated on May 10, 2023

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