Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2019 – Dev Error – How to fix

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 is finally here and the game has been doing extremely well so far. This is the first COD game after a long time that has been well received by the community. Everything about the game looks and feels good. But that doesn’t mean the game is free from performance issues. People have already started reporting about problems like lag, crashes, black screen issue, blurry game textures, fps drops, various bug & glitches, etc. But nothing is as irritating as the various Dev Errors in this game.

Players have been getting different kinds of dev errors left and right in this game. Some after being disconnected and some after crashing. So is there a fix to these dev errors? Lets find out.

Call Of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2019 – Dev Error – How to fix

What is a Dev Error in COD MW 2019?

A Dev Error is a error code message that is displayed after the game force closes after a crash of after being disconnected. There are a lot of Dev Errors and there are a lot of reasons behind them. The Dev Errors that players have encountered the most so far.

  • Dev Error 5624
  • Dev Error 6036 [proxywar.ff]
  • Fatal error – Disc read error [5.0]
  • Dev Error 5759 – DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error.
  • Dev Error 6606
  • Dev Error 6065
  • Dev Error 6165
  • Dev Error 6071
  • Dev Error 5758
  • Dev Error 740
  • Dev Error 1110
  • Dev Error 5476

Most of these Dev Errors take place after the game crashes, while playing the main campaign, when the player gets disconnected from a game or if the player gets kicked from the game. While some of them are server related errors and can only be fixed from the side of the developers, a lot of them are actually related to the performance of your system.

We ran the game on three gaming PCs in total. Two of them were medium-end gaming PCs and one of them was high-end. From what we discovered, it is safe to say that medium or low end systems are facing these errors the most. We faced a dev error only once on our high-end gaming PC that is running a RTX 2070 Super, Intel i7-8700, 32GB DDR4 3200mhz RAM. And that too because our internet disconnected for a short period of time.

How to fix these Dev Errors

There are no particular fixes for most of these errors as it is very hard to tell whether it is happening due to the broken game or it is a problem from the side of the user. With that being there are certain tweaks you can try that might or might not fix your problem. Here are some:

Update your Windows

The DirectX or graphics related error codes could be related to your Windows 10 version. Windows 10 updates cannot be trusted. The recent Windows 10 updates have already caused loads of problems for a lot of AAA titles. The Windows 10 KB4512941 update that was released few days ago gave some serious trouble to gamers all over the world. From high CPU usage to constant stuttering while playing games or running heavy applications, people had to face everything.

Thankfully, Microsoft has already released an update that fixed the problem mentioned about. But who knows, there might still be some users who have not updated their Windows since then out of fear and are still facing performance issues. So check whether you have pending Windows updates or not and then update your OS. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Update & Security
  • Click on Check for updates
  • Wait for the updates to get installed
  • Restart your PC

Disable Crossplay

It looks like a lot of users are facing the crashes due to these Error Code and a lot them has to do something with the Crossplay feature of the game. Try turning it off. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Options
  • Select the Account tab
  • Disable Crossplay

Update your drivers

When you launch the app the first thing you will notice is a Breaking News tab and under that tab the developers have asked you to install the latest video card drivers. If you didn’t know, both Nvidia and AMD have released their latest graphics card drivers bringing launch-day support for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019. You can download them from the links given below:

  1. Nvidia Drivers
  2. AMD Drivers

Repair the game launcher users have the feature to scan and repair a game available on the launcher. Same goes with COD MW 2019. This feature will verify the in-game files of the game and download the missing ones. Here is how to do it:

  • Launch
  • Select Call of Duty : MW from the left side bar
  • Click on Options
  • Select Scan and Repair
  • Wait for the process to be done
  • Restart the launcher

Tweak the graphics settings

Go to Options > Graphics and apply the following settings.

Display Mode : Fullscreen

Render Resolution : 100

Sync Every Frame (V-sync) : Disabled

Custom Framerate Limit : Disabled

Texture Resolution : Normal

Texture Filter Anisotropic : High

Particle Quality : High

Bullet Impacts : Disabled

Tessellation : Disabled

Shadow Map Resolution : Medium

Cache Spot Shadows : Enabled

Cache Sun Shadows : Enabled

Ambient Occlusion : GTAO

Particle Lighting : High

Anti-Aliasing : SMAA T2X

Filmic Strength : 0.00

Film Grain : 0.00

Check your internet connection

I know this is a really stupid thing to say but the error codes you are experiencing could be due to a bad internet connection. Try to check your ping in-game. Do some speedtests. Try switching to a different server region from the app.

Unfortunately, these are all the methods we have to fix the error codes as of now. We will update this list as soon as we discover some new fixes. If the problem you are facing is a serious one then the best option would be contacting the support.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. If you have any addition to make regarding this topic then also you can comment below. Good luck!

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That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 27, 2020

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  1. I reall wish i could play! Im running a 1060 3gb Graphics card and been having the error “dev erro 6107” really annoying been having this problem since the beta which really frustrates me. Im gonna have to buy this game on the console and now buy two copies of the game. Really was looking forward to playing this game all month on the pc, I still have no fixes I have done everything. EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING PLEASE HELP ILL PAY SOMEONE IF THEY HELP ME!!!!

  2. Yes Im pretty sure ive updated it through the search bar and checked for updates im up to date… any other ideas??

  3. This is B.S. 9 crashed TODAY ALREADY WTF CAN I HAVE MY MONEY BACK. 1 error iv recieved is disc read error (3.1) mp_aw_attachment_wm_sm_augoif_arberrel_lod1_s2_122_trff.

  4. Everybody is having issues with the CoD game because the developers weren’t finished before they released the game.this is bull***t and should be considered f***d for selling us a piece of s**t program.fix the damn game already and stop releasing un-finished cr@p.

  5. Dev 6036 I did everything + repair game and nothing :/
    After communicate when I have to click OK and afterwards open game

  6. An error code occurred:0x6F8,The user buffer provided to the requested operation is invalid,Now I can’t use the software properly,Help me with management thank you

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