How to find Mermish Artefact in Hogwarts Legacy

Mermish Artefact Hogwarts Legacy – After spending almost 30+ hours in the game, it is pretty evident that Hogwarts Legacy is one of the best games that has been released in 2023 till date. We didn’t even see such a story driven single player game in the last two years, to be honest, with such a rich storyline and filled with Role Playing elements. The missions and side quests are pretty exciting and very rewarding sometimes.

Although some side quests in the game are exciting and helps you complete the Relationship quest challenges, which rewards you with suits, items and a lot of other things, so spending time and doing side missions is crucial in Hogwarts Legacy. One of such side quests that you will encounter in the later part of the game, where you will need to find Mermish Artefact for a Hogwarts Student known as Nerida Roberts.

If you are unsure how to start this, this guide will help you find the Mermish Artefact and complete Nerida Robert’s request.

How to find Mermish Artefact in Hogwarts Legacy

To find the Mermish Artefact, you will have to find Nerida Roberts. She will be outside Hogwarts School. Follow the yellow marker and reach her at the Boathouse Area. Nerida Roberts is a Slytherin Student studying at Hogwarts, and she will require you to get her the Mermish Artefact that her mermaid friends have left for her in a cave under the water. She also added that she would need my help to do so because she doesn’t know how to swim.

As you agreed to help her, you will be in control, and the Mer-ky Depths mission will start. All you need to do is jump into the water and swim towards the white marker. As soon as you reach there, you will find a whirlpool that prompts you to press the F button to dive in.

dive inside

After diving in, the game will load, and you will be back inside the cave Nerdia was talking about. Get out of the water and walk straight until you reach a yellow door with three butterflies. So to solve this puzzle, you need to bring in three illuminated butterflies near that door so that they can automatically align and fit into it.

yellow door

You will find the first butterfly directly opposite the door. You need to go around and reach near it. It is straightforward to spot so you won’t have any issues with it. Go near it and use your Lumos Spell to attract that butterfly, bring it back to the door, and press the left button to fit it into one of the spots automatically.

lumos for butterflies

The second one is just on the right side as you come out of that door. It will have cobwebs in front of it, so use your Confringo Spell to burn the webs and then use the Lumos spell to attract the butterfly and bring it back to the door and press the left button to fit it.


The third one is the same process. As you leave the door area, go to the left and use the Confringo spell to burn the cobwebs and attract the butterfly with your Lumos Spell. Bring those butterflies near the door, and the chamber opens for you.

chamber opens

Inside the chamber, you will find a chest and a Mermish Artefact that Nerda Roberts specifically requested.

a mermish artefact

As soon as you get the Artefact, head back to Nerida by diving into the Whirlpool again. As soon as you reach her, give her the Artefact, and after a brief interaction, your Mer-ky Depths Side quest concludes.

mer-ky depths

So this was all about how to find Mermish Artefact in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Last Updated on February 19, 2023

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