How to Fast Travel in Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy 2 fast travel – Rogue Legacy 2, which began life as an Early access title in 2020, which was a sequel to the legendary title Rogue Legacy. Is a game I’ve personally tried, the very first day, it was like “just one run” before I get my day started, and all of a sudden it’s dark outside and I’ve skipped a meal. In my personal opinion, the game is excellent in itself!

It is obviously a Platform game, and implements a lot of elements from games like Metroidvania. It is pretty straightforward. You play as a knight, who much explore procedurally generated stages, defeat enemies and of course, collect lots and lots of loot.

Now, it is true that Rogue Legacy 2 is a 2D side-scroller. But the amount of travelling that one has to do in this game is insane. That is where the Fast Travel feature in Rogue Legacy comes into play.

Why consider fast travel you ask? Your quest through Rogue Legacy will take you across various procedurally generated locales. Your heir takes on your quest after you get eliminated, and must also go through these areas. At some instances, fast travel can feel like a “god-sent”.

How to Fast Travel in Rogue Legacy

It is possible to Fast Travel in Rogue Legacy 2, however, it needs to be unlocked first. Now, in order to unlock the same, you need to Clear Citadel Agartha and travel to Axis Mundi to obtain quick travel in Rogue Legacy 2. As you walk through the neighborhood, you’ll ultimately come across a door that has a huge hoarding on top that says “Pizza Mundi”.

Go inside and speak to the girl near the desk. After doing so, exit the Pizza Mundi and proceed North of that room, after speaking with her. Why North? Because the closest fast travel point from the Pizza Mundi is The Sun Tower.

Keep moving forward, until you come by a pizza girl. Proceed to speak to her, pay her 1750 Gold, and unlock yourself the teleporter.

Now, some of you might ask, “Is it work spending 1750 Gold for Teleporter?”. Listen, the amount of time you will be wasting on travelling from one zone to another, is more than you can think. Unlocking the Teleporter will make things convenient. But then again, that is something you have to decide.

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Last Updated on May 13, 2022

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