How to farm Resonant Alloy in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

One of the most important resources that you will be needing at the Relic to craft and reshape weapons is called the Resonant Alloy. So in this article, we will be guiding you on how to farm and get Resonant Alloy in the new Destiny 2 The Witch Queen.

The Season of the Risen has finally arrived in Destiny 2, and after a lot of hype and anticipation, The Witch Queen update is here. The update has brought a ton of content to the game. As long as I remember, the update was around 21 GB on Steam. There are a ton of new Exotics, a ton of new powerful Legendary weapons, and of course, Void 3.0.

As soon, you start the game after downloading the update. You will have to choose from two different options, Be Brave or Be Legend. Depending upon the difficult choices you have made, we went with “Be a Legend” because I will be partnering up with two more friends, so we don’t mind going in for a bit of more challenge.

So let’s get back to the topic. The Relic is a very powerful tool in the Destiny 2 The Witch Queen, which helps you craft and reshape weapons. You can create weapons from Patterns (Blueprints) that you have collected in-game, or you can reshape any weapons using specific traits (perks) and hafts, magazines etc. But to do that you need a specific resource called the Resonant Alloy and in this article, we will guide you on how to farm Resonant alloy in Destiny 2 the Witch Queen.

resonant alloy used in Relic

What is Resonant Alloy

The Resonant Alloy is a resource that is needed to craft weapons at the Relic Conduit. This specific resource is useful in crafting the frame for the first initial weapon. While completing the missions, you will get some amount of Resonant alloy after you complete a Deepsight Resonance Weapon and claim a Resonant Element. You will be able to receive the alloy during the “Shaping: Extraction” mission.

The Resonant alloy is also used to reshape (Modify) weapon traits or perks in the Relic.

How to Complete the “Shaping: Extraction” Mission

  1. I was using the Syncopation-53 Pulse Rifle with Deepsight Resonance
  2. I took the weapon for a spin to a game of Dares of Eternity, and waited for the “Attunement Progress” bar to hit 100%
  3. Once it did, the Resonant Elements were ready to be extracted
  4. I decided to claim the Adroit Element
  5. After that, I went back to the Relic Conduit, located at The Enclave on Savathun’s Throne World
  6. Then I interacted with the conduit, completed the “Shaping: Extraction” mission, and got 5 Resonant Alloy
    Destiny 2 Resonant Alloy

How to farm and get Resonant Alloy

After you get 5 Resonant Alloy from the “Shaping: Extraction” mission, you can now get more by dismantling the Legendary Weapons. Pretty soo, you will find a lot of useless weapons, sitting in your Inventory. So, why not just dismantle them, and farm some Resonant Alloy.

In this way, you can create more space in your inventory, as well as get some Resonant alloy resources for your next Weapon build. Just gather the resonant alloy resource and bring those back to the Relic to start crafting new weapons.

To keep it straight, the more legendary weapons you earn by completing missions and defeating bosses, the more Resonant alloy you would get.

So this was all about “how to farm and get Resonant alloy in Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Expansion”. If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, for more guides on Destiny 2, keep an eye on Frondtech! Happy Gaming!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on February 23, 2022

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  1. You can also purchase Resonant Alloy; well, sort of. Rebuying any weapon from the Collections section will cost 500 Glimmer and 5 Legendary Shards. By dismantling those weapons, you will earn 1 Resonant Alloy but also be refunded 277 Glimmer and 3 Legendary Shards. Essentially, 1 Resonant Alloy has a value of 223 Glimmer plus 2 Legendary Shards.

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