How to farm Divine Inspiration in Cult of the Lamb

Divine Inspiration Cult of the Lamb – Players take on the role of a possessed lamb who has been spared from oblivion by a menacing stranger in Cult of the Lamb, and they are required to pay back their debt by gaining a devoted following in his honor.

Establish your own cult in a nation of false prophets by traveling to exotic and enigmatic locales to assemble a devoted group of wood-worshipers and disseminate your Word in order to emerge as the sole genuine cult.

Players must complete a variety of tasks in Cult of the Lamb, among which, gathering Divine Inspiration is one of the most important ones. To strengthen their Cult and achieve their quest to eliminate the False Prophets of the Lands of the Old Faith is mainly why players need Divine Inspiration. 

In this article, we at Frondtech will cover how you can farm Divine Inspiration in Cult of the lamb, making creating a cult a lot easier for you!

Cult of the Lamb Divine Inspiration Farm

In this game, you can’t possibly obtain divine inspiration directly, what you first need to do is obtain devotion, to which there are multiple ways. We’ve explained how you could do the same down below:

How to farm Divine Inspiration in Cult of the Lamb

Making your cultists pray to the Shrine is by far the best technique to gain devotion:

  1. You can get close to them, engage with them, and choose “Work” to get them to pray.
  2. Go to “Worship” next.
  3. Now they will stand and offer prayers before the Shrine.
  4. After they’re done with the same, you can collect all the devotion the cultists have gathered.

Moreover, you could also complete certain quests to farm divine inspiration, specifically you could perform the lighthouse keeper’s quest, or you could simply steal the devotion from other shrines you’ll come across along the way of the lands of old faith.

Once you’ve collected enough devotion, such that the bar at the top of your screen is fulfilled, you’ll be awarded Divine Inspiration.

All you have to do to obtain Divine Inspiration is that. Once you have Divine Inspiration, utilize it to fund the construction of new edifices for your Cult.

Go to your base camp and press the square button on your PlayStation, the X button on your PC, or the Y button on your Xbox to access the Divine Inspiration Menu or Divine Inspiration Upgrade Tree. You can then choose a building from the Divine Inspiration Upgrade Tree. 

That’s all there is, to know about Divine Inspiration in Cult of the Lamb, for more such news/guides for the game, keep in touch with Frondtech, we promise to make gameplay at least a little easier for you all!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on August 15, 2022

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