How to create a Loadout in Destiny 2

Lightfall is finally here. Here, the players would embark on a journey, touring across Neptune and unlocking on their way, Strand, the power of a new Darkness ability. While you play the game Destiny 2, you can make a wide range of Loadouts. These are going to have several items saved, that too which you can quickly switch during your gameplay, instead of sorting your inventory and picking out the items individually.

This would definitely make it very easy for you to swap between the weapons and armor mods that would go well together. So, here is all that you need to know about creating a Loadout in Destiny 2.

How to Create a Loadout in Destiny 2

The Loadout screen would be present on the extreme left of your Character page. To begin with, you will have six slots, but they will increase as your Guardian ranks progress. Each of these slots is going to have a predetermined name, and you can get to know them (preview the loadout) by just hovering over the slot.

  1. In the case when you want to save any loadout, firstly, equip all the weapons, armor mods, and gear for the equipment that you want to use for your character.
  2. Then, head toward the loadout page by clicking the arrow on the left of your Character Screen.
  3. Then choose whichever slot you want to put it into, and then click on it.
    How to create a loadout in Destiny 2
  4. Doing so will save your current equipment.
  5. All the weapons, gears, and armor mods that you have picked will be available when you decide to switch to the loadout that you have now saved, thereby allowing you to make use of it immediately.

Changing Loadouts in Destiny 2

In the case that you want to overwrite any of your saved loadouts, make any modifications that you want and then head over to the loadout slot and press F or whatever your Overwrite button is to “Overwrite” the present loadout with the updated one. Doing so will update your loadout slot with your now-selected equipment, and this would not change the name and icon of the preexisting loadout.

It is recommended that you switch up for all the loadout slots and make use of the wide range of equipment that you have that you would use for many dungeons, raids and of course the latest release Nightfall in Destiny 2.

That is all there is to know about how to create loadouts in Destiny 2.

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Last Updated on March 3, 2023

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