How to Counter Roadhog in Overwatch 2

Roadhog Counter Overwatch 2 – Roadhog is a tank hero in Overwatch 2 who, if we’re being completely honest, might as well be categorized as a beefy DPS hero due to his ability to punish out-of-position opponents with his powerful one-shot potential combos.

Being the hero with the most total hitpoints (700!) in the game (yes, even more than the HUGE German in shining armor, Reinhardt), Roadhog is extremely hard to kill even if his healers are absent. And if you’ve ever faced off against a Roadhog player, you know how difficult and unpleasant it is to defeat this tank hero.

Challenging, but not impossible! In this article by Frondtech, we’ll cover how you can counter the hero with relative ease.

But first, here is a review of the hero’s abilities:

  • Primary Weapon: Scrap Gun, essentially a shotgun that can deal high damage to enemies both close (primary fire) and far (secondary fire). LMB fires wide-spread, short-range blasts of shrapnel while RMB fires a shrapnel ball that travels a farther distance before detonating into said shrapnel.
  • The L-Shift ability: Chain Hook, the main element of Roadhog’s kit. When connected with an opponent, he can use it to yank enemies to close range before following up with a deadly combo.
  • The “E” button ability: Take a Breather, the ability that enables Roadhog to be the self-sustaining Tank hero he is. It restores 350 HP (hitpoints) while also reducing all incoming damage by 50% during the animation.
  • The Ultimate ability: Whole Hog – Roadhog transforms his primary weapon into a high fire-rate machine gun that deals high DPS to enemies while knocking them back.

Using a combo that this Aussie hero himself calls “Hook, Line and Sinker,” he can quickly hook you from up to 20 metres away, follow up with a high-damage primary fire to your face and finally melee you to quickly take you out of the fight, without giving you even a second to react.

Roadhog Counter Overwatch 2

How to Counter Roadhog in Overwatch 2


Do not underestimate Overwatch 2’s support heroes! Given that your team can communicate and coordinate, Ana is probably the most direct counter to Roadhog.

Due to his large hitbox, both her L-SHIFT (Sleep Dart) and E (Biotic Grenade) abilities are very easy to land on a Roadhog.

She has the ability to render his entire kit useless, leaving Roadhog vulnerable to any follow-up damage from your teammates.

Furthermore, having a sniper rifle allows you to keep a safe distance from his chain hook while carrying out your duties as a support player.


Zarya is an excellent tank pick against Roadhog if you can time your barriers right.

Predict when he’s about to hook you or your teammates and use your ‘Protective Barrier’ and ‘Projected Barrier’ abilities accordingly to absorb all his damage and negate his one-shot potential while also significantly increasing the damage output of your own primary weapon, the ‘Particle Cannon’.


Sombra’s ‘Hack’ ability cancels and disables all abilities, while her ‘Opportunist’ passive ability increases your damage dealt to the hacked target.

That means – if you hack an enemy Roadhog who is low on HP and is about to use his ‘Take a Breather’ ability, you can quickly finish off his remaining health with a few headshots using her high fire-rate SMG.

That being said, ask your team to keep the enemy backline supports busy so that your target does not receive any heals while you destroy him.


If you are a good shot and like sniping from afar, Widowmaker is a pick you should definitely consider if there is a Roadhog in the enemy team.

She can play far away from the big guy and take advantage of the fact that he has no Barrier abilities and makes little space for his teammates, leaving them vulnerable to ranged attacks.

Any squishy hero in the game can be taken down with one fully charged shot to the head from ‘Widow’s Kiss.’ So, first and foremost, target the enemy support and damage heroes with no barriers protecting them.

Roadhog, as self-sufficient as he is, cannot last long when your entire team is alive, but his allies are not.


Being the big dude with the big hitbox that Roadhog is, he’s highly vulnerable to a Reaper player who isn’t afraid to get up close and personal.

Reaper’s passive ability, ‘The Reaping,’ grants him constant in-combat healing as long as he hits his shots, making him an excellent match against a good Roadhog.

So, anticipate the chain hooks, dodge them with your ‘Wraith Form’ ability, get up close to your target, and then begin dishing out heavy damage while restoring any health lost in the process!

If things get too tough, you can always teleport or Wraith Form out of the fight, regain health, and re-enter.

Always aim for the neck to get the most damage out of every shot.

Article submitted by ~ Soumyajit Mukherjee.

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Last Updated on November 11, 2022

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