How to Counter Pharah in Overwatch 2

Pharah Counter OW2 – Overwatch 2 has three categories of heroes, Tank, Damage, and Support. With the right combinations of all three, you could make one hell of a team.

When it comes to the “Damage” category, there are a number of Heroes that are hard to play against, however, you won’t see all of them flying by and bombing you, hovering from a height.

Pharah is one hard hero to play against in Overwatch 2. In this article by Frondtech, we’ll guide you with how you can counter Pharah in Overwatch 2, so here it is:

Pharah’s got 4 abilities, all of them being focused on high damage as well as excellent movement capabilities.

Primarily, there’s a rocket launcher, which could deal massive damage to the enemy. There’s Jump Jet, which instantly will gain you height, which is quite a good escape from battles.

Then comes Concussive Blast, which is a rocket that launches enemies a little further back if fired at. Pharah’s ultimate is “Barrage”, which is a number of mini-rockets that deal damage in a particular area. 

The ideal perfect combo with Pharah I’d say would be to Jump Jet, followed by her ultimate. But now, the main question is, how do you counter this? Here’s how:

How to counter Pharah in Overwatch 2

How to Counter Pharah in Overwatch 2

Firstly, as we informed you guys earlier, Pharah has exceptional movement abilities. To counter her, you’ll need a ranged hero, with a ‘Hitscan’ weapon. What is a Hitscan weapon, you ask?

It is a type of weapon, where the bullets coming out of it don’t have any travel time. You shoot, and the bullets hit the target instantly. For example, you could go for the following ones:


The Hero Sojourn provides a distinctive mid-range with a kit that is jam-packed with amazing mobility and weaponry.

The weapon sojourn primarily uses is the Railgun, which has the required damage to counter Pharah. Additionally, Sojourn also has the power-slide ability, which can get her out of tricky situations.


My Favorite! Widowmaker can be considered a perfect counter to Pharah. Considering that we need a counter-hero that has a bit of range, Widowmaker’s gun just makes it easier for her to be a perfect fit for this.

The high-damage rifle can be used normally as an assault rifle, and if you hold your button just long enough, it can also be used as a sniper. If you’re playing Widowmaker, and you’re against Pharah, her flying off and hovering midair would just be simple target practice for you.

Additionally, the gun is so good that one full-charge headshot, even if Pharah’s health is maximum, would eliminate her.

Soldier 76

Pharah being airborne would be a massive disadvantage for her if there’s a Soldier 76 on the opposing team.

Soldier 76’s primary weapon is highly accurate, and with some good hits, could take down Pharah within one magazine of the gun itself with ease.

Additionally, Soldier 76 can self-heal, Sprint, and it’s ultimate, as a lot of people like to call it, is basically aimbot. So if you’ve got a Pharah against you, we’d recommend for you guys to go with Soldier 76.


Finally, Hanzo Hasashi. Oh! Wrong game? XD. Jokes aside, Hanzo can be considered quite similar to sojourn in this scenario.

Hanzo can eliminate Pharah at any given moment with a headshot, moreover, if Pharah was at a much closer distance, Hanzo also has a rapid-fire ability that can be put to good use.

That’s pretty much everything we had on how you can counter Pharah in Overwatch 2, all you need is a hero that has a decent bit of range on it to eliminate the hovering Pharah.

If you think this guide has helped, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Overwatch 2 guides, keep an eye on Frondtech. We will be covering every single technical issue and bug of the game. Good luck!

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on November 6, 2022

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