How to Cook Food in Sons of The Forest

Cook Food Sons of the Forest – In the game Sons of the Forest, it is a given that your character will be roaming in the wilderness and fighting the cannibals that it faces along the way, but the one thing that you will need to deal with is your character’s hunger. Your character will only get weaker if you starve it. Hence, the following guide covers how you can cook food in the game Sons of Forest for your character. Keep reading!

How to Cook Food in Sons of The Forest

There are two types of food that you will find in Sons of The Forest. Packaged food like Cereals, Canned Food, Ramen, MRE, etc. And then is Meat, that you can get by hunting animals.

You will have a couple of Packaged Food in your inventory when you are done grabbing everything from the crash site. There would also be a base camp nearby, which you will come across as you keep following the river. You might also find canned food there in the containers. Now, you don’t need to cook Packaged food in the game. You can just open your Inventory and left-click on them to eat them directly. For Canned Food, you need a Can opener to eat it.

But when it comes to Meat, I recommend that you cook it to get the most benefit. Due to the fact that the chances of you finding canned food is really slim during the early stages, so, you will have to cook food in the game. Initially, the most common critter in the area would be a Squirrel or a Rabbit. You can get a single piece of meat from small animals like these. When you spot one, chase it and start to slash it with the help of your Axe. Given that your character’s speed will be greater than that of the rabbit, you will still have to make sure that you land a direct hit to render it unconscious and then take it for cooking. Once you manage to do this, press and hold the “E” key to obtain a portion of the meat by slicing it from the rabbit. There are also Deers in the game, but you need a Spear to hunt them efficiently.

Now, after you have done the above-mentioned, you need to make a Basic Fire or a Reinforced Fire. I have already written a guide on how to make fire. You can check that out.

Once you have it up and running, Go near the Fire and Hold E to partially open your inventory. From there, select the Raw Meat.

How to cook in Sons of The Forest

Now, wait for a few seconds till the meat gets cooked. The meat would start slowly turning dark brown. It will look exactly like this:

What Cooked Meat looks like in Sons of the Forest

When your Meat is done, pick it up and munch on it to ease your hunger. You need two pieces of Meat to fill up your Hunger Bar.

That is all there is to know about how to cook food in Sons of The Forest.

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Last Updated on February 26, 2023

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