How to Claim Authority Pack DLC in Dying Light 2

Dying Light Authority Pack – Since Techland promised five-year support for their new Dying Light 2 game, we have already started seeing DLCs dropping from the developer. So in this article, we will show you how to claim the Authority Pack free DLC items in Dying Light 2.

It has been a couple of weeks now since the Dying Light 2 game has been released. And we were very excited to play it from the launch day itself. This game is a follow-up to the original 2015 Dying Light game, which again fuses the zombies with parkour mechanics along with a stealth element added in their latest edition.

It is set in the European city of Villedor and you have to play as Aiden Caldwell, a pilgrim. The game is always known for its smooth parkour movements and responsive environments.

So the first DLC is already in for the all-new Dying Light 2 game. The early players of the franchise will remember the huge number of cosmetic items released for the game in the original dying light game, and it seems the prequel is following the same path as well. As promised by Techland about the future story expansions, we still don’t have any roadmaps yet for those releases. However, the first part of the Authority Pack DLC is already out, and it’s free to play the expansion, and you need any sort of season pass to claim the DLC. You can claim the DLC as long as you own the game.

How to claim authority dlc gear

How to claim Authority DLC gear in Dying Light 2

The DLC pack is free for everyone, but you would have to download the Authority DLC pack update. It should get downloaded automatically when you click the update button on the Steam Platform. It is a small update that adds authority pack gears in the game, which includes cosmetics. Once downloaded, you are good to go and claim your in-game items. Find the nearest stash, and you will have it displayed on the Extras Tab.

There are three parts to this DLC. The release date of the Authority Pack DLC Part 2 is 16th February, and the Authority Pack DLC Part 3 is released on February 18th.

This is to note that each of these outfits would give a resistance of 4% from human enemies. You can get an additional 6% resistance when you will have completed the full DLC set.

how to claim authority dlc part 1 in dying light 2

This Authority DLC Part 1 gives you three pieces out of the seven pieces in the full DLC set. The pieces that you get in this DLC are

  • Intimidating Jacket
  • Intimidating Cargo Pants
  • Intimidating High-Tops

The second part (available February 16th) will contain:

  • Intimidating Gauntlets
  • Intimidating Windbreaker
  • Intimidating Leather Guards

The third part (available February 18th) will bring:

  • The two-handed Authority hammer

As mentioned earlier, once you have completed the full set, you will be able to claim the bonus stats on your outfits. Once the weapons are out, make sure you modify them with a Korek charm to prevent them from breaking, as these weapons are not repairable.

So this was all about how to claim the latest authority DLC gears in Dying Light 2.

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Last Updated on February 17, 2022

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