How to Change Grenades in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite change grenade – Wondering how to swap to a different grenade type in Halo Infinite? Don’t worry, we got you.

You can Switch your Grenade Type in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is finally here, and Halo fans from all over the world are rejoicing. Forget the Halo fans, even people who have never played Halo in their entire life, are thoroughly enjoying the game as well. The game is really shaping out to be the perfect PvP title.

Halo offers you plenty of weapons to use. And they also allow you to use Grenades. Not one, but four different types, actually. You can carry two of each type. Which means you can carry 8 grenades at one time. Now, the question is how to switch between these grenades? You can obviously use just keep on throwing them, and you will automatically switch to a different type, once you run out of a specific type. But, I am pretty sure now everyone wants to play like. So, here is how to change grenades in Halo Infinite:

PC [Mouse and Keyboard]

Press N on your keyboard to switch grenades on PC.

You can Press N again to switch to the Next Grenade. Press B to switch to the Previous Grenade

Xbox Controller

On the Xbox Controller, you need to press the Left button on your D-pad to Switch Grenades.

Additionally, if you want to directly equip a specific type of grenade, you can:

  • Press Left on your D-pad to Equip Frag Grenade
  • Press Up on your D-pad to Equip Plasma Grenade
  • Press Right on your D-pad to Equip Dynamo Grenade
  • Press down on your D-pad to Equip Spike Grenade

How to switch grenades in Halo Infinite

PlayStation Controller

On the PS4 or PS5 Controller, you can press the Left button on your D-pad to Switch Grenades.

By default, the other D-pad buttons on the PS controllers don’t allow you to directly switch to a specific grenade, as the other three have different functions.

Of course, all the controls mentioned in this article are set by default. You can change them to whatever you like.

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Last Updated on November 23, 2021

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