How to change current mission in Dead Island 2

Do you want to play a different mission but can’t seem to get out of the present one and are stuck? If yes, then check out the following guide to know how you can change to another mission in the game, Dead Island 2.

The game Dead Island 2 offers its players a set of quite challenging main missions to play. Apart from this, there are also quite a few side missions that will keep you engaged in the game. However, if you wish to speed run the session, then you may avoid the completion of the side missions altogether.

Though there is a slight chance that after interacting with an NPC, you accidentally begin a side mission. In such a scenario, you might spend a lot of time being distracted from your main objective. Therefore, it becomes pretty crucial for you to know how you can change your current mission in the game, Dead Island 2. Due to the fact that the game does not offer any assistance with such, here is how to do it. Keep reading to find out!

How can you change your current mission in Dead Island 2

Here is how you can change your current mission. Firstly, head towards the Player Menu and then select the Quests Tab. Now, choose any one quest of your liking that is unlocked to start tracking it. When you do so, your objectives and markers will change with regard to the selected mission. You have now successfully changed your current mission. So you can now go and finish off your current mission without tripping on another mission. Additionally, if you’re bored with the main missions, you can always head over to the side missions.

How to change missions in Dead Island 2

We suggest that you do the side missions, too, as it’ll do you no harm. It is in fact, an excellent way to explore those hidden bits and sects of the game. Furthermore, these in-depth explorations often help increase your chances of getting your hands on items like special Curveballs, Weapon Mods, etc. Additionally, doing side missions help you unlock the supplementary dialogue and cutscenes. This helps add those extra bits to the main story, that in turn only helps you get that additional understanding of the game.

That pretty much sums up all there is to know about how to change the current mission in Dead Island 2.

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023

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