How to change Attires in WWE 2K23

WWE’s latest addition, WWE 2K23, has just been released. It’s the twenty-third installment to the series and includes a bunch of exciting features such as online multiplayer, weekly towers, and faction wars, along with new themed card packs that’ll be released every once in a while along the year. One thing that the WWE franchise’s games have always been known for is customization.

As was the case in previous WWE, you can create custom attires for both pre-existing and custom wrestlers, and if you’re wondering how you could do the same in WWE 2K23, you’ve come to the right place! Dive in!

How to change Attires in WWE 2K23

To make any changes to the attire or to any character, whether you’ve downloaded the same from the community suite or created one by yourself, you’ll have to access the creations section. Similarly, to make a change to the default attire of any of the wrestlers you’ve got, you’ll have to do so by heading into “Creations” and thereby clicking on “Superstars.” Once you’ve opened up the same, make sure that the custom attire is selected as an alternate. 

From there on, select a superstar, go through the attire options and slots and design the same however you want it to be and save it. This attire can now be used as an alternative anytime you wish. If you’re wondering how you could switch between attires, here’s how:

Head to the quick menu to get into a match, but before you do so you’ll see an option “Alt Attire X” if you’ve done the aforementioned steps correctly. If this method is too confusing, there’s a simpler one. Just head to the main menu, and from there, open up the options sub-menu and select Roster. Once there, go through the list of wrestlers that are available for you and click on the Wrestler you want to change the attire of. 

You’ll then see a “bio” option. In the Bio option, there’ll be attire, and from there onwards, you’ll be able to set any attire as the default choice. Set the default attire or the modified one and hit save. Once done, the option chosen becomes the default choice, and you’ll have to change it again to make it default.

That’s everything you need to know about how you could change attires in WWE2k23.

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Last Updated on March 21, 2023

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