How to change appearance in Dead Island 2

Don’t know how you can change outfits in Dead Island 2? Let us take a look to find out if there’s a way you can do so. Don’t worry; you are not the only one trying to figure out the controls to change your slayer’s outfit in Dead Island 2. There are quite a few players wondering about this.

Given the fact that the game features six slayers for you to choose from, namely, Jacob, Ryan, Bruno, Amy, and Clara, it is pretty clear that changing their outfits is not something that you have on your table. However, when you talk about funky outfits, a lot of players are not able to find any of them. If you, too, are facing these difficulties, then the following guide is here for your rescue. Read below to know all about if you can customize the outfits of your character in the game Dead Island 2.

Amy Outfit in Dead Island 2

Controls to Change/Customize Appearance in Dead Island 2

If you have the Deluxe or the Gold edition of the game, then you get two character packs. They feature new weapons and costumes. So you will have the option of switching between a few outfits. Here are all the items that the two character packs contain:

  • Character pack 1
    1. Devil’s Horseshoes weapon
    2. Rodeo Sunset costume (for Jacob)
  • Character pack 2
    1. Saimir and Julienne weapon
    2. Neurunner skin (for Amy)

Other than this, the game does not have any such options available to its players to change outfits. Hence, if you are someone who has the standard game edition, then you are just stuck with the default outfits that the slayers are wearing. Much like the fact that the game does not feature any customization of your character’s appearance in the game, you will not even have the option to change their outfits. Keep in mind that the case is different for the edition owners of the game. 

As you can make out, currently, there are only outfits for Jacob and Amy that are available, and they are the only ones that can equip these outfits. However, do not worry. This restriction isn’t there with weapons.

Additionally, if you want to change any other slayer’s outfit in the game, then you might have to wait a bit.

That pretty much sums up all that there is to know about the topic. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Last Updated on April 24, 2023

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