How to carry Opponent in WWE 2K23

Carry opponent WWE 2K23 – WWE 2K23 is a Wrestling Sports game published by 2K Sports. This is 2K’s tenth instalment under their banner, and the game is available for Playstation consoles, Xbox Consoles and Windows. It is a multiplayer Video game and successor to WWE 2K22. The game features new characters and game modes as well.

One of the most critical moves you must master is the Carry. Carry is a move that the wrestler performs as he picks up the opponent and holds him in the air. You can throw him on the ring floor or the table, but you need to do it fast before he reverses.

And if you are confused about how to learn this trick, then this article will guide you on how to carry an opponent in WWE 2K23.

How to carry Opponent in WWE 2K23

How to carry an Opponent in WWE 2K23

When you are about to carry an opponent in WWE 2K23, you must first know how to initiate the grab. Grab is essentially required to start a carry. You can grab an opponent by pressing the B button on your Xbox or the Circle button on your Playstation Controller. But grabbing the opponent during the start of the match can be demanding as you will have to weaken the enemy first before doing it.

Weakening the enemy helps in preventing the reversal that the opponent might execute while grabbing him. Reversals can be dangerous and change the game’s fate at any moment, especially if you are tired and weak. Always try using the light attacks and combo chains before grabbing your Opponents in WWE 2K23.

As soon as you initiate the grab, you will be to press the RB button for Xbox or the R1 button for PlayStation. If you do it right, you can initiate the carry. As you lift the wrestler,, you can easily move around the ring using the left move sticks. But remember that you won’t be able to carry your opponent for long as you have a limited time to do this, and if you do it long, the opponent might perform a reversal attack on you.

Carrying your opponent is an important skill you must learn when playing the game, as it gives access to certain moves and combo subsets. The carry is mainly used in table matches where you must pick up the opponent and throw him on the table.

So this was all about how to carry an opponent in WWE 2K23.

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Last Updated on March 14, 2023

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