How to Buy new Car in NFS Unbound

Need for Speed Unbound is finally available from the 2nd of December, 2022. It is available on PS5, PC, and the Xbox Series X and S.

This would mark the 25th installment in the Need for Speed franchise, which takes place in the city of Lakeshore.

Like always, the game has a single-player story and also a multiplayer portion – Lakeshore online, which is totally separate.

Having said the above, you can customize your driver, ranging from their style to even their physical attributes. But more importantly, what all NFS players want, is vehicle customization.

Need for Speed Unbound has more than 140 cars that you can get in form of buys or rewards, much like the previous games. The only issue towards the beginning of the game is that you can not buy cars. So remember that you will have to first unlock the option to take advantage of this. So the question comes down to this.

How to Buy Cars in NFS Unbound

How to Buy new Car in NFS Unbound

Without giving any spoilers, and to put it that way, we’re just going to say that complete your Prologue missions. When the intro is over, from Rydell’s Garage, you have the option to buy cars. Just go to Ride, and then select “Buy and Sell”. You will have both “Stock” and “Custom” options.

Now that you’re at the stage when you open up the garage shop, you’ll be required to spend the cash you acquired from Tess, to purchase your new ride.

Although you will notice that all the cars aren’t unlocked. So, you’ll have to keep progressing in the game and other things too, to unlock them.

A vital thing to remember is your cash. A lot of the cars are going to be expensive, so just do a few more races, missions, etc. for it.

When you’re done buying your first car in the game, you can customize it using the effects and the tags (that are unlocked).

What I would like to recommend is, don’t go car shopping just for the sake of it. The starter cars that you get, are quite capable to get you through early. I would suggest that you earn enough cash, and then purchase a good car, that can carry you during races.

Buying your first car is the basic step to further expand your garage. Just keep working throughout your initial phase, and you’ll get what you want. That is all that we had on how to buy a new car in NFS Unbound. Keep visiting for further updates!

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Last Updated on December 5, 2022

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