How to beat The Gatekeeper (Tom) in Ghostrunner

Wondering how to beat The Gatekeeper or Tom in Ghostrunner? Here is a guide.

How to beat The Gatekeeper (Tom) in Ghostrunner

How to beat Tom

Tom has 3 phases and each ends with you reaching its weak point and chopping it once.Tom is a bit hard to write a guide for since it all comes down to your individual skill in dodging.

Phase 1: Too many lasers

I feel you could argue this to be the hardest section in the entire game, this is place where you would probably get eliminated the most. The phase consists of of lasers, a lot or them, constantly rotating. And since they are constantly rotating, you won’t find a safe place to stand in this entire phase. There aren’t many checkpoints as well.

The only advice I have here, is that the hooks you can pull yourself towards have a pretty generous range to them, so if you dash upwards you might be able to skip a few rotations around the tower.

Also, even if you get eliminated, the pattern will always be the same. The best thing you can do is to bumrush it instantly and learn what combination of actions gets you the farthest till you muscle memory your way to the top.

Phase 2: Pulse Wave

In this phase, you land all the way to the bottom and must additionally dodge a pulsing wave that creeps up the wall every other second. The wave touches you once and you are pretty much done. This one is much calmer, in the top the lasers come back, but there are way fewer of them this time.

The wave only effects the outer wall, so if you find a place to stand for a moment you are actually safe and can plan your next move, at least until the lasers get involved again. The checkpoints are more generous here as well. Really, it’s a matter of finding the exact rhythm of the pulsewave and timing your wallruns to turn into walljumps when it comes then dashing back onto the wall.

Phase 3: Rock bottom

In its final phase the whole tower has crashed down to the ground and now you have to move towards it’s remaining weak points in a horizontal fashion rather than vertical while the both pulse waves creep across the ground and lasers spin around towards you.

The best thing you can do is to run towards the spinning lasers and duck, then jump immediately after ducking through them to dodge the wave that follows. If you time it right this should consistently get you to both the weak spots.

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Last Updated on October 28, 2020

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