How to avoid Sun Damage in V Rising

The recent release of Stunlock Studios has shaken the gaming world with its brand-new title. Just like other survival games, V Rising gains confused and fascinating players. If you’re new to this RPG, you can always check out their tutorials, and it’s simple to understand.

Anyhow, V rising is the vampire world. So probably you’re the vampire who is losing its power due to sunlight. Those rays are getting ready to deduct your 10 HP for every second. As soon as you get an alert note, move out within three or four seconds before your screen turns full yellow, which is the starting stage of damage. But, you have plenty of methods to avoid sun damage.

In this article, I would like to share clear guidelines on How to Avoid Sun Damage in V Rising. Let’s get your sunscreen.

How to avoid Sun Damage in V Rising

The Sun, and the day and night cycle, are important aspects of V Rising. You can avoid sun damage by changing your custom settings. If you’re playing with the PVE server, you can edit your server settings easily. In that respect, you can access different classes that affect all characteristics of the game. Sounds cool, right.

To reduce the damage from the sun, you should access the Time settings. It will permit you to adjust the time that takes about a full cycle of day and night to finish. In addition, you have the capacity to modify the time daily to keep the sun versus the moonlight. World Settings also offers to reduce the power of the sun by using the multiplier.

If you are playing solo on your private server, then a simple technique is to look for a shady place. Keep in mind that the sun gradually moves to sets, so you should always look for the shades, like under a tree or rock, to be safe. Use your movement abilities when you have to cross long bridges or areas with no shade.

At last, build a Mist Brazier after the castle tutorial, which helps you to shade your castle at all times. To create a Mist Brazier, you need 120 Stone. You can use this mist in various areas for full coverage. Using bones, you are able to produce a mist that blocks out any daylight beams. 

Build the Mist Brazier to protect yourself from Sun Damage in V Rising

In addition, you can also construct a roof on top, but it’s not a good omen in later stages. However, if the sun is glowing up, fate doesn’t care about your plans. So, let’s have fun while playing V Rising.

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Last Updated on May 27, 2022

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