Halo Infinite Controls and Key Bindings

Halo Infinite controls and keybinds – Looking for the keyboard controls of the PC version of Halo Infinite? Here they are.

All the controls and keybindings given below are set by default and have not been changed in any way.

Halo Infinite Controls and Key Bindings



Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Jump Space
Crouch / Slide Ctrl
Sprint Shift
Fire Weapon Left Click
Use Equipment Q
Melee F
Throw Grenade C G
Reload / Vent R
Switch Weapon V Mouse Wheel Scroll
Drop Weapon Not Assigned
Interact E
Zoom Right Click
Zoom Level Mouse Wheel Click
Switch to Next Grenade N
Switch to Previous Grenade B
AI Scan Z
Mark X
Toggle Helmet Light T
Equip Slot 1 1
Equip Slot 1 2
Equip Slot 1 3
Equip Slot 1 4
Campaign Menu / Scoreboard Tab

Halo Infinite - On Foot Controls


Boost / E-Brake Shift
Ascend / Brake Space
Descent / Tricks Ctrl
Switch Seats Q
Fire Weapon Left Click
Melee Mouse Wheel Click F
Throw Grenade C G
Reload / Vent R
Switch Weapon V Mouse Wheel Scroll
Interact E
Switch Grenade N
Switch to Previous Grenade B
AI Scan Z
Mark X
Equip Slot 1 1
Equip Slot 2 2
Equip Slot 3 3
Equip Slot 4 4

Halo Infinite - Vehicle Controls


Open Text Chat Y
Push To Talk Mouse Button 5 (The top button on the left side of your mouse)

Halo Infinite - Communication Controls


Cycle Camera M
Toggle HUD Backspace
Toggle Outlines R
Toggle Outline Occlusion F
Skip Forward E
Skip Backward Q
Fast Forward Not Assigned
Toggle Legend H
Camera Up X
Camera Down Z
Camera Zoom Mouse Wheel Up Right Click
Camera Boost Shift
1st Person Camera C
3rd Person Camera B
Free Camera N
Cinematic Camera V
View Previous Player ,
Next Player .
View Player 1 1
View Player 2 2
View Player 3 3
View Player 4 4
View Player 5 5
View Player 6 6
View Player 7 7
View Player 8 8
Toggle Team Stat Boards T
Toggle Player Switcher I
Toggle Timeline Zoom Not Assigned

Halo Infinite - Theater or Observer Controls


Set / Clear Waypoint Space
Zoom Out Z Mouse Wheel Down
Zoom In X Mouse Wheel Up
View Missions T
Pan Left A
Pan Right D
Pan Up W
Pan Down S
Center On Player Ctrl
Fast Travel R

Halo Infinite - TACMAP Controls

How to change keybinds in Halo Infinite

Of course, all the controls mentioned in this article are set by default. You can change them to whatever you like. Here is how to do it:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Press F1 or click on the Settings icon, located in the bottom-right corner of your screen, to open your Settings Menu
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Select the ‘Keyboard / Mouse’ Tab
  5. The first couple of settings can only be toggled, so you need to scroll down until you reach ‘On Foot’
  6. This is where all your Keybinds and controls begin from
  7. Pick the Action you want to edit and click on the keybind beside it
  8. Press the key that you want to bind with that action

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. And for more Halo Infinite guides, keep an eye on Frondtech.

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on November 23, 2021

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