Grounded – Where to find Dew Drop

Wondering where to find a dew drop to drink in Grounded? Here is a guide for you.

Grounded – Where to find Dew Drop

Water plays a really important role in Grounded. You will see two bars on your character. The Red bar is fueled by food while the Blue bar is fueled by water. Water is a really vital resource and you have to make sure that your character is regularly drinking clean water if you want to survive longer.

Now early in the game, you will get access to three types of water. Foul water or bad water, Clean water and Dew drops. You cannot drink foul water so Clean water and Dew drops are your choices here.

Clean water is pretty easy to find. Early in the game one of your objectives is to find clean water which would be completed in no time. But what about dew drops? Where to find them?

Where to find dew drops

Well, if you are looking for dew drops to complete your “Drink a dew drop.” objective then the best place to look for them is at the tip of grasses.

Just keep looking at the tip or the top edge of the grasses and you shall spot a dew drop in no time. Here is how it looks:

Now the tip of the grass might not be reachable at times. What to do in that case? Just hit the grass with your tools and the dew drop should fall on the ground.

Once it is on the ground, Press E to slurp it. And that is how you drink a dew drop in Grounded.

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Last Updated on July 29, 2020

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