Grounded – How to craft a Torch

Wondering how to craft a Torch in Grounded? Here is a guide for you.

Grounded – How to craft a Torch

Torch – Ingredients

The ingredients required for crafting a Torch are :

  • Sprig x2
  • Sap x1
  • Woven Fiber x2
  • Dry Grass Chunk x3

Where to find the ingredients


Sprigs are very easy to find. They are all over the map. These are just small plant stems.


A Sap looks just like a water droplet but it is not as clear as water. It is more like a yellowish-brown blob. You can find these stuck to broken branches or to twigs. Here is how a Sap looks:

Woven Fiber

Now you won’t specifically find Woven Fiber in the wild. If you want Woven Fibers then you need to craft them using Plant Fiber. Here is how:


  1. In order to craft a Woven Fiber you need to first collect Plant Fibers. They look like this:
  2. Once you have a Plant Fiber go to the camp or the tent that you came across at the very beginning of the game
  3. Inside it there is a computer which actually a is Resource Analyzer
  4. Select the Plant Fiber and analyze it
  5. Once you analyze it, Woven Fiber will appear in your Crafting menu
  6. Press C or you Crafting Menu
  7. Select the Materials tab
  8. Craft a Woven Fiber. You need to 3 Plant Fibers to craft one Woven Fiber

Dry Grass Chunk

To get Dry Grass Chunk you will be needing a chopping tool. Just look for dry grass and chop them with your axe. The dry grass will turn into Dry Grass Chunks after you break them. Here is how they look:

After you are done collecting all the ingredients just open your crafting menu. Open the Tools tab, there you will see that the Torch is sitting ready to be crafted. Hit the Craft button.

That is all you need to do in order to craft a Torch in Grounded.

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Last Updated on July 29, 2020

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