Golden Horse Location in Tears of the Kingdom – Zelda TOTK

Golden Horse Zelda TOTK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a Nintendo Switch Game developed for the Nintendo Consoles. It is an action-adventure game that is filled with fighting and shooting elements. It is one of the highest-rated games this year!

Not many people know this, but a golden horse exists in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom! It’s one of the best horses to have in the game; however, getting the Horse for yourself might take a bit of grinding and some time.

So in this article, we’ll guide you on how to get the Golden Horse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Golden Horse Location in Tears of the Kingdom – Zelda TOTK

As you start your journey in the game, you’ll end up visiting a lot of horse stables, and once there, you’ll find many people reading the Lucky Clover Gazette and talking about it. You can start by going to the Lucky Clover Gazette and interacting with Traysi and Penn to start the “Potential Princess Sightings!” Side quest that’ll require you to visit all stables around Hyrule. 

Once you’ve started the quest, the closest stable to you would be the Snowfield stable on the South side of Sabantha Snowfield. Further, there’s also a great fairy close by! Once you make it there, look specifically for Penn talking to an employee on the east side of the stable, where the horses are kept. Interact with them, and as you do the same, you’ll be told that Princess Zelda’s Golden Horse used to be kept here and managed to escape a while ago. 

quest for zelda golden horse

NOTE: If you reach there and see the golden Horse, you might’ve failed to start the quest! From then on, Harlow (the NPC) will tell you that the Horse escaped towards the north, and the “Zelda’s Golden Horse” quest will automatically begin. 

You should prepare to catch the Horse once you’ve come this far into the quest. To prepare for the same, you can do the following-

  • Keep foods and elixirs with you to increase your stealth and stamina. You’ll need an elixir with the “sneaky” keyword to get close to the Horse. 
  • You’ll need food as well, as we just mentioned, to top up your stamina, you’ll need it!
  • Buying Snowquill Armor Set: The area you’ll be heading towards will be covered in snow; it’s recommended that you either get the Snowquill Armor Set or carry spicy dishes and elixirs with you. 

You’re in for a journey, so make sure you’re covering it with your Horse. Start by heading north of the Snowfield Stable to find the Golden Horse. Once you make it post Orochium Shine, you’ll spot the monster as was mentioned by the NPC – Frost Gleeok. You might engage with it, but we’d suggest you don’t and make it past it. 

Zelda’s Golden Horse can be found precisely in a herd of wild horses; if you’ve got an upgrade Purah pad, you can search for horses across Hyrule. The location of the Horse can lastly be pinpointed just southwest of Oshozan-u Shrine. Coordinates – (-1785, 3409, 0236).

zelda golden horse location

As mentioned earlier, the golden Horse might be tricky to catch; hence, just running to it and trying to mount it won’t work. What you’ll have to do, is to sneak all the ways, and when you’re almost there, sprint towards it while spamming the “A” button on your controller. 

The Horse, once mounted, will take a bit of your stamina to calm down, but once it’s all calm, feed it something to bond with it. Finally, take that Horse back to Snowfield Stable and remember to avoid the monster on the way once again. Once you return, interact with Penn and Harlow again, Penn will reward you with some rupees, while Harlow will award you some stuff, including a Royal Saddle. 

golden horse stable

Finally, once you’ve done all of this, you’ll have the option to register the Horse to yourself and name it, earning you a pony point!

So that was all about how you could get the Golden Horse in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

If you think this guide has helped you, then let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check out our other guides on Zelda Tears of Kingdom. Good luck!

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Last Updated on May 19, 2023

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