GM Nightfall Reward this week in Destiny 2 – Jaunary 31, 2023

GM Nightfall Reward January 31, 2023 – Let’s be honest. GM NF and Master NF are tough. But, if you do manage to complete a nightfall on master/grandmaster difficulty, you will receive a proficient version of the weapon that’s in rotation for that particular week. If you’re wondering what the circulation looks like and what weapons have been selected for the season of Seraph, you’ve come to the right place! If you manage to complete the nightfall at master difficulty, you will surely be rewarded with a copy of the weapon. However, if you manage to successfully complete the nightfall this week at Grandmaster difficulty, you’ll be rewarded the Adept version.

GM Nightfall Reward this week in Destiny 2 – Jaunary 31, 2023

  • For this particular week, the GM Nightfall reward is Hung Jury Adept, which is a 180 Rounds-Per-Minute Kinetic Scout Rifle in Destiny 2. [Check out the God Roll]

Considering how long-range most of the PvP maps are in Season 19, Hung Jury Adept, when paired with something like the Adept Range, can be an extremely potent weapon in the current meta.

It makes sense to try to complete a nightfall at Grandmaster difficulty, as the weapons you’ll be rewarded would have higher stats than the base-stat ones you’ll be rewarded upon completing the same at master level. The added stats could make a lot of hectic activities a lot easier for you. Additionally, the adept weapons you’ll be rewarded at Grandmaster difficulty could be modded using adept mods, which boosts the stats higher than normal weapons with normal mods.
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Destiny 2 GM Nightfall Rewards Table – Season 19

Finally, here’s a table of weapons that’ll be in circulation for January and February during Season 19 of Destiny 2 till Lightfall arrives. 

Week Weapon Element Type
January 31 Hung Jury SR4 Adept
Kinetic Scout Rifle
February 7 The Militia’s Birthright Adept
Kinetic Grenade Launcher
February 14 D.F.A. Adept
Kinetic Hand Cannon
February 21 Wendingo GL3 Adept
Arc Grenade Launcher

Upon successfully completing a nightfall in Destiny 2, mainly for the Grandmaster and Master level, you will be rewarded a copy of the nightfall weapon that’s in circulation for that specific week. Since the beginning of time, a bunch of nightfall-specific weapons have been introduced in Destiny 2. These weapons range from being extremely popular to being mediocre, the point being, however, out of the entire weapons pool, six are selected to be in circulation every week.

There’s also a chance that some new weapons are introduced to nightfall upon arrival of Lightfall, which is in itself a new expansion to the game. Some of the aforementioned weapons, however, might be removed from the pool’s rotation once Lightfall is finally out!

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Last Updated on January 31, 2023

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