Giant Black Stallion (Ganon’s Horse) Location TOTK

Black Horse TOTK – There exists a Black Horse in the lands of Hyrule and Link can mount it, should he choose to. This Horse is quite special, just like the Golden Horse in the game, due to the fact that Players say that the horse resembles Ganondorf’s Black Horse from Ocarina of Time, given its Red Mane. Finding the horse and mounting it could be a little tricky. Hence, in this article by Frontech, we’ll be guiding you with where you can find the Giant Black Stallion and how you can mount it in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom, keep reading!

One thing that’s common between this horse and other ones in the game is that it roams in the wild and can be caught by Link. Further, the Horse can be found at a specific location in the game, one that we’re here to guide you with. Here’s where you can find the Giant Black Stallion in TOTK:

Giant Black Stallion (Ganon's Horse) Location TOTK

Giant Black Stallion (Ganon’s Horse) Location TOTK

There’s an area of land between Hateno Beach and Deepback Bay, which can be located near East Necluda. The Horse is significantly bigger than the other ones, so as you get near it, you absolutely will not have any problems locating it. We don’t have the exact coordinates for this, but we’ll guide you with the rough ones we’ve got. Head straight to the following coordinates: (4147, -2352, 0017). Once here, head south, and you’ll see the Black Stallion.

Black Horse Location TOTK

You know where to find it. Here’s how you could mount it:

All the “catching” or “mounting” actions in the game depend on your Sneak Ability as well as stamina. If you don’t have enough stamina, you could increase it by stocking up on stamina food such as endura carrots or elixirs, an alternative you’ll have to this would be to sleep in a higher-end bed. Do all of this to make sure that you’ve got two full stamina wheels. 

Once you’ve got two full wheels of Stamina, make your way to the horse, and as you start getting closer to it, start sneaking towards it. Once you’re close enough, the game will prompt “Mount”, there on, mount the horse and you’ll find yourself having to press L repeatedly to soothe the horse. Do it and once you see hearts above the horse’s head, you’ll know that the horse has calmed down. 

The final thing that remains, once you’ve tamed the horse, would be to make your way to the nearest stable and register the horse to your name. The stable closest to you is the Dueling Peaks Stable, which is quite far. You’ll have to stick to the journey to complete the process, though!

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Last Updated on May 31, 2023

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