Ghostrunner Puzzles and How to solve them

Stuck at a puzzle in Ghostrunner? Here are the solutions to the puzzles that you encounter inside the game:

Ghostrunner Puzzles and How to solve them

Level 3 – The Climb – Tetris Puzzle

The climb sees you solving some kind of tetris moving tile puzzle where you have to create the shapes shown in the center of the chasm.

In the image here from this perspective the correct order would be:
Right (T Block)
Middle (Two Piece Block)
Right (T Block again)
Left (L Block)


Level 5 – Breathe in

In this puzzle you need to turn discs until they form a circuit. The first puzzle serves as an introduction and only has two buttons, Press the right button then the left button and that was it already.

The second puzzle has three buttons. Press these in this order : Left, Middle, Left, Right, Middle, Middle, Middle, Left.

Level 6 – Road to Amida

This is less of a puzzle more messing around with optical tricks but I think it should be covered anyway.

  1. You start in a room with a gate, if you look through that gate from the other side you see a hole in the wall
  2. Simply walk through the wall where you saw it turn left get stuck turn around and continue.
  3. Next you see a chasm, walk up the stairs and look through the window and you will see where the invisible platforms are, just follow them.
  4. Then you see another gate, this time you have to walk through it but that’s it.
  5. Finally there is an endless corridor that just keeps running away from you. Turn around and walk away from your goal and it will teleport into you. Finally just turn around again and pick up the last three orbs and the rest is just walking around collecting orbs.

Level 14 – Reign in hell

All doors have a number of lanterns hanging next to them that tell you where they end with the corresponding door somewhere else and you need to figure out a good order to walk through them.

  1. The first encounter only has two doors and all you can do is walk through each once and then back.
  2. In the second room walk through the door with 1 lantern and drop to the platform below, then 5 lanterns, 4, 1 and finally 3 lanterns.
  3. The final time you have to do this walk through the 5 lantern door, across the bridge to grab the orb, back through the 5 lantern door, then through 3 and drop down to the platform on the right.
  4. Then through 2, press the button, back through 2, then 4, go over the bridge on the left, and drop down. Then through 1, 2 4 and finish with 3.

[Courtesy : krozzus]

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Last Updated on October 27, 2020

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