Ghostrunner – Graphics Settings Guide to fix Low Fps

One of the most anticipated titles of this year, which is probably also one of the best Action games of 2020, Ghostrunner has finally made it’s way to the launch day. Considering how much hype this game managed to create since the trailer came out, I can only imagine the sheer amount of people who are going to play this game.

Now Ghostrunner might look like a light game. But it is not. It is a fairly demanding title and even with the latest drivers there is not much you can do if you have a low end gaming rig. And considering how fast paced the game is, bad fps might really worsen the experience.

Ghostrunner – Graphics Settings Guide to fix Low Fps

Tweaking in-game graphics or video settings not only gives you a smoother experience but also gets rid of performance issues like fps drops. Same is the case with this title. Lets see if it is possible to make Ghostrunner run for people with low end hardware by tweaking the in-game video or graphics settings.

Graphics Settings

  • API : DirectX 11
  • Window Mode : Fullscreen
  • Resolution : 1920×1080
  • Resolution Scale : 100
  • FidelityFX Upsampling : Off
  • FidelityFX Sharpening : Off
  • Fidelity Sharpening Scale : 100 (Doesn’t really matter)
  • DLSS : Off (More on this setting below)
  • DLSS Mode : Performance (Again, doesn’t matter)
  • Anti-aliasing : Medium
  • Post Process Quality : High
  • Shadow Quality : Medium
  • Textures Quality : Medium
  • Effects Quality : Low
  • Material Quality: Low
  • Brightness : 50 (Personal preference)
  • Blur : Off
  • Gore Effect : On
  • Frame Rate Limit : Unlimited
  • V-Sync : Off
  • Field of view : 85 (Do not reduce this any further)
  • RTX : Off


Now a lot of you might ask, if DLSS increases the performance of the game and you get more fps by turning it on, then why have I turned it off. Well, it is true that DLSS increases performance, but it is also true that it makes the game look washed out and fuzzy. You are already lowering a lot of settings. Turning on DLSS will reduce the quality to a great extent. I have tried the “Quality” setting as well.

Turn on DLSS and set DLSS Mode to “Performance”, only if you have a really under-powered system and you desperately need to squeeze out some extra performance.

Specifications of our Test Rig

It is always recommended to run a game on a medium end gaming rig if you want to find out the best combination of graphics settings for the game. There is no point in running benchmarks on gaming rigs with high or enthusiast level graphics cards. Because lets be honest, every single game will run smoothly on a RTX 3080 or a RX 5700 XT.

Though the system requirements of Ghosrunner are slightly on the higher side, we still went ahead and ran it on a very basic and mediocre gaming PC. Here are the full specifications of our rig:

  • CPU : Intel i3 8100
  • GPU : Zotac GTX 1650
  • RAM : 16GB DDR4 3000mhz
  • OS : Windows 10 64-bit (Latest Update)
  • SSD : 256GB (Game installed on HDD)
  • HDD : 1 TB 7200 rpm
  • Monitor Resolution : 1920×1080
  • Driver : GeForce Game Ready Driver v456.71

Benchmark Results

Utility used : MSI Afterburner

57 60 60

For some reason the fps in the game got capped at 60 FPS on our low end gaming rig. At first, we though this game has a hard cap. Then we ran this on our high-end gaming rig consisting of a RTX 2060 Super, Ryzen 5 3600XT and 16GB of RAM. We were getting close to 200 FPS almost. I really don’t know if there is a problem with our hardware or this game automatically detects the hardware on your system and sets a cap all by itself.

Whatever it is, we are still testing Ghostrunner and we will update this article with the accurate results soon.

If you think this guide had helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also if you have any addition to make regarding this topic then also you can comment below. And for more Ghostrunner guides keep an eye on Frondtech. Happy Gaming!

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on October 26, 2020

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