Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Loading times bug – Game is taking too long to load – Is there a fix

Ghost Recon Breakpoint beta is already out and things are going quite well for the game so far. But we all know what goes down during the beta access of every AAA game these days. It looks like Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not free from bug and glitches and some of them are actually pretty annoying.

Another bug has popped up in the game that is causing players to experience extremely long loading times. We can only imagine how frustrating this really is, as one of the worst things that can happen to a gamer is he/she getting stuck at the loading screen.

The game is taking so long to load that it is making players rage quit. So is there a fix to this long loading times bug in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Loading times bug – Game is taking too long to load – Is there a fix

What is the Ghost Recon Breakpoint loading times bug?

It is bug that is causing Ghost Recon Breakpoint to take too long to load. At times the time to load is crossing 5-10 minutes. And for some players the bug is causing unlimited loading times. Now some might argue that this is happening because this is a very demanding game. Well, we are sure that the problem is not completely from the side of the players because players with high-end gaming rigs are also experiencing this problem. So this is definitely a problem in the game.

Is there a fix to this bug?

As of now there are no permanent fixes for this bug. But the good news is, the developers are aware of this issue and they will come out with a fix soon. Till that happens, players can try lowering their in-game graphics settings. You can even check out our Ghost Recon Breakpoint performance guide to see if any of the methods mentioned there works for you or not.

Other than that, you can check out the official forums to see what others have to say about this bug.

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