Gears of War 5 – SERA error – Kicked from multiplayer bug – Is there a fix

A new bug has popped up in Gears 5 and it is surely pretty annoying. Are you experiencing this Gears 5 SERA multiplayer error as well? Be assured that you are not alone. So is there a fix for this error or bug? Lets find out.

What is Gears 5 SERA error?

It is a bug or error that is causing players to get kicked randomly from multiplayer modes. There is no specific reason for this as this completely happening at random instances. Players are just getting removed while they are in the middle of a game and with a message saying ‘You have been removed from the game. The game was ended as an error occurred‘. This is very frustrating because players are losing progress of the sessions they were in.

Is there a fix to this error?

As of now there hasn’t been any word from the developers. And just because this error not occurring for a lot of people, we are not even sure whether the developers are aware of this error or not. Until an official fix arrives. There are a couple of basic fixes that you can try.

  • Check your internet connection and do a ping test
  • Restart the Xbox app on your PC
  • Reinstall the Xbox app completely
  • Make sure that you are not using a VPN
  • Make sure that your connection does not have Strict NAT issues

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Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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