Gears Of War 5 – How To Get Access To The Tech Test

The release of one of the most anticipated games of 2019, Gears Of War 5 is right around the corner. Now, we all know how the scenario in the gaming world has become in recent times. As more and more AAA titles are failing, more and more gamers are eliminating their habit of pre-ordering games. That is why the developers have started providing early access to games so that the players can try these games and decide whether they want to buy them or not.

Same is the case with Gears of War 5. Players would get to try the game before the official release and give feedback via the Gears of War tech test. But how to unlock this tech test? Here is how:

Gears Of War 5 – How To Get Access To The Tech Test

What is Gears Of War 5 Tech Test?

The simple answer to this would be early access. We already know from the Microsoft E3 Conference that Gears Of Wars will be releasing on 19th September. But before that players would be able to get their hands on this game by simply gaining access to the tech test that will be taking place on 17th July.

How to unlock Gears 5 Tech test?

The obvious and straightforward way of unlocking the tech test is by pre-ordering Gears of War 5. You will immediately unlock your access to the tech test as soon as you pre-purchase the game. But this option obviously requires you to spend a hefty amount and might not make much sense to people who want to try Gears Of War 5 before buying it.

Another way of getting access to this upcoming tech test is by getting the Xbox Game Pass or the Xbox Game Pass for PC. This is a much cheaper option and a better one as well.

You are good to go!




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