Gears 5 – Game looks blurry – How to fix or reduce blurriness

Downloaded Gears 5 on your high end gaming PC only to find out that the game looks blurry and looks like it is from 2017? Is it a bug or does the game naturally looks like this? Lets see if we can answer these questions of yours.

Why Gears 5 looks blurry or fuzzy?

This problem can be due to two reasons. First one being the game lacking any kind of Anti-aliasing setting in the video settings menu and the second one being a bug related to the auto optimization in the game that is constantly forcing the game to run at a lower resolution. It seems like FXAA is on by default on this game as this kind of subtle blurriness takes place when you turn on FXAA in games. People have already complained about this over Reddit and Gears of War forums. Here are the links:

The strange thing is this whenever a cutscene starts everything goes back to appear in HD. And the cutscenes in this game are not just some videos placed by the devs, that is how your game is suppose to look like.

How do we fix this issue?

Well, there is no official fix for this as of now and we are not even sure whether the developers have any idea about this bug or not. But we still went ahead and tried few tweaks that didn’t entirely solve the problem but it reduced the blurriness quite a bit. Here is what you can do :

Install the Ultra HD Texture Pack.

Go to your Video settings and increase Sharpening.

Open your Nvidia Control Panel (Of course if you are a Nvidia user) and click on Manage 3D Settings. Turn Antialiasing – FXAA Off and then turn Antialiasing – Mode Off.

This step is actually stupid but it actually ended up working quite well. I am using a BenQ monitor and what I did was increase the sharpness of the monitor.

Unfortunately, we don’t have more fixes at the moment. But we are trying more and more stuff (Third party applications) to reduce the blurriness even further. We will update this article as soon as we come up with something new and more effective.

That’s all, folks!

Last Updated on March 17, 2024

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