Gears 5 – Error code 0x80190191 – How to fix

Getting error code 0x80190191 randomly while playing different modes in Gears 5? Well, you are not alone. Now the question is, is this a problem related to the servers or is this a player sided problem? Is there any fix?

Gears 5 – Error code 0x80190191 – How to fix

What is Error code 0x80190191 in Gears 5?

It is an error tied to the multiplayer modes of Gears 5 that is giving trouble to a lot of players. Some are getting disconnected, some are unable to join the sessions of their friends, the game is not even launching for some, etc. We can only imagine how annoying and frustrating this issue really is especially when everything is fine from the player side.

How to fix?

Fortunately, this error is not that big of a deal and can be easily fixed. Just try restarting the game or the Xbox app on your PC. And by restarting I don’t mean just clicking on the close button on the app. By clicking the close button you don’t really close the app, you just minimize it. Go to your task manager and click on the details tab. You will see a couple of Xbox.exe running there. Right click and select End Task on the one that is consuming the most amount of Memory.

You can also try restarting your router as this error could be completely related to your connection. If none of these work for you then you have no other choice but to take the harder path. Which is submitting a ticket to the Gear 5 support.

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Last Updated on September 7, 2019

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