Gargolda Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Gargolda MHR – One of the most anticipated releases of 2022, the Sunbreak Expansion, that Capcom has been teasing for a long time, is finally here. This new expansion has brought a ton of new content to the game. And Monster Hunter fans are enjoying every bit of it.

The expansion features a new hub area called the Elgado Outpost. The expansion brings new enemies, monsters, and a better set of missions and quests. The game also updated its camera features and introduced the all-new Switch skill swap techniques.

Now, Monster Hunter Rise already had various Endemic Life, and the Sunbreak expansion added even more. Gargolda is one of these Rare Endemic Life is MHR Sunbreak, that you can photograph to complete your “Hunter’s Notes”. It is actually a bird wyvern that is black in color and has yellow edges around the inner side of its wings.

In this article, I will show you the exact location where you can get Gargolda in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Gargolda Location in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In order to find Gargolda, you need to visit the Citadel during the night. You need to reach the cliffs of Area 4 of Citadel for a chance to spot the bird.

Cross Area 4, and reach the eastern edge of the map, climb up the cliffs using your Wirebug, and if you are lucky, you will get to see Gargolda fly up to the location, and just sit there. Here is the exact location of Gargolda on the map:

Gargolda Location in Monster Hunter Sunbreak

Now, when I said, “if you are lucky”, I actually meant it. There is a huge chance that when you climb up to the spot, you might not see anything. And that makes sense, as Gargolda is a “Rare” Endemic Life. Just like the Monksnail. If you don’t end up getting Gargolda the first time, just fast travel to your nearest sub-camp, and try visiting the location again. Also, sometimes you might not see Gargolda immediately after climbing the cliff. Sometimes, it comes flying to the location after you have stood there for a minute or two. So don’t leave immediately.

I personally got Gargolda on my third try, so keep trying until you spot it. And yes, the Gargolda will react to your Gestures. Here is what the Gargolda looks like, by the way:

Gargolda - Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Once you have managed to get Gargolda near you, just take out your camera from your Action Menu, and go into Photo Mode, position the Gargolda in the middle of your screen, and take the photo. You are good to go now!

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Last Updated on July 9, 2022

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