Froggy Armor Location in Zelda TOTK

Froggy Armor Location TOTK – Climbing is an essential skill in TOTK; while there already exists the ascend ability to ensure that you can do so, it doesn’t always suffice. Another factor exists, though, that is, perks from armor sets. For starters, the Flamebreaker armor set in the game provides you resistance against Fire and heat; a similar kind of thing exists in the case of Climbing, Froggy Armor. 

This piece of armor in the game provides you with bonus “slip resistance”. This could help you climb surfaces better; it also helps if the surfaces are wet. If you’re wondering how to get your hands on the Froggy Armor in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom, you’ve come to the right place; keep reading!

Froggy Armor Location in Zelda TOTK

To acquire this particular Armor, Link must complete the “Potential Princess Sightings!” Quest. The froggy armor is a reward from this quest, and to do the quest, you’ll have to visit Traysi, the proprietor of the Lucky Clover Gazette. You can find Traysi near Rito village. 

Lucky Clover Gazette

However, unlocking the Froggy armor takes time; it’s quite a lengthy process as it requires you to visit almost every stable in the game. There’ll be further side-quests for these stables, each leading you closer to the Froggy Armor. 

Starting with, the first thing you’ll need to do, is to find the Lucky Clover Gazette and here’s how you could do the same:

Before we get into it, ensure you’ve got some cold resistance and food you’ll need throughout the journey. Start by teleporting to Rospro, passing Skyview Tower and then activating it to launch as high as possible into the air, then heading southeast. From there on, you should spot Sahirow Shrine nearby, locate it, and activate it if you haven’t already. Once done, continue heading in the same direction. 

The Lucky Clover Gazette pumps out smoke like the stables do, making it easier to spot. The Coordinates for the same are- (-3254, 1763, 0119). Now, head into the structure and find Traysi standing beside the counter. Interact with her to start the quest. 

Now’s when it gets all tricky; as you probably know by now, you’ll get the Froggy armor set by completing the quest- “Potential Princess Sightings, which now happens to be a large chain of quests that you’ll have to do before you get to this one. On the positive side, you’ll have Penn with you, a reporter for the Gazette, to assist you at times. He’ll be present at every stable with a side quest to complete!

penn in zelda totk

There’s a total of 16 stables in the realm of Hyrule. However, you must complete certain side quests of atleast 12 of these stables. Here’s a list of them:

  • Tabantha Bridge Stable: White Goats went missing.
  • New Serenne Stable: The Beast and the Princess.
  • Snowfield Stable: Zelda’s Golden Horse.
  • South Akkala Stable: The All-clucking Cucco
  • Gerudo Canyon Stable: The Blocked Well
  • Dueling Peaks Stable: Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!
  • Woodland Stable: Serenade to a great fairy.
  • Outskirt Stable: The Beckoning Woman
  • Foothill Stable: For our Princess!
  • Wetland Stable: The Missing Farm tools.
  • Highland Stable: An Eerie Voice
  • Riverside Stable: Gourmets Gone Missing.

These Side quests, of course, do not need to be completed in a specific order. You can do them as you please, and Penn will, again, be at every one of these stables to guide you with what you need to do to complete the quest. Lastly, Traysi will reward you more for how many of these quests you complete, and you’ll be rewarded with the Froggy Armor pieces once you reach certain milestones for the main quest. 

Rewards from Traysi

Here are the following rewards that you will receive from Traysi.

  • Completing one Side quest will grant you 50 Rupees as an award by Traysi
  • Completing two will get you a new paraglider skin along with 50 Rupees.
  • Completing three side quests will get you 50 Rupees as a base reward with a bonus of 20 more.
  • Completing four of these side quests will get you the Froggy Sleeve, 50 rupees as a base reward, with 20 as a bonus.
    froggy sleeve
  • Complete five of these quests to get rewarded 100 Rupees from now on.
  • Completing six will get you 100 rupees
  • Completing seven and eight of these quests will both get you 100 rupees base and 20 as a bonus
  • Completing nine quests will get you Froggy Leggings, 100 Rupees base and 20 as a bonus.
    froggy leggings
  • Complete ten of these quests to get 100 rupees and a bonus of 50 more.
  • Complete eleven quests to get 100 rupees as a base and 100 more as a bonus.
  • Complete the twelfth quest to get rewarded with a total of 300 Rupees.

To get the final piece of the Froggy Armor, that is, the Froggy Hood, all you need to do is head back to the Gazette and interact with Traysi after completing all of the quests. She’ll reward you with the last piece!

froggy hood

That’s everything you need to know about how you could get the Froggy Armor in Zelda’s Tears of the Kingdom.

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Last Updated on June 1, 2023

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