Forza Horizon 5 Controller Disconnected issue and Wheel not Working – How to fix

Forza Horizon 5 controller disconnected – This guide with show you how to deal with the issue where your controller gets disconnected constantly in Forza Horizon 5 PC, and your Steering Wheel stops working.

Controller Disconnected issue causing Steering Wheels to not work in Forza Horizon 5 PC

Forza Horizon 5 is finally available for people to try. The game is doing really well on PC, and Racing Game lovers are really enjoying the game. It looks fresh and interesting. The visuals in the game are out of the world. I don’t think I have seen a more realistic-looking game than this.

But despite being an awesome game, Forza Horizon 5 does come with some problems. A lot of users are complaining that their controllers are constantly getting disconnected, and their Steering Wheels are not working. They’re continuously getting the “Reconnect Controller” prompt.

If you ask me, this is not really surprising. Forza Horizon 4 had the same issue at launch as well. Now, the question is, can it be fixed?

How to fix this issue

Fortunately, plenty of users have managed to fix this issue, and all the fixes mentioned here have been confirmed to be working. They work for every Thrustmaster and Logitech controller, including Logitech G923, G25, G27, G29, G920, and so on. Before you read this article any further, I would suggest that you check out the list of supported controllers, first. After you have done that, here is what you need to do:

For the first fix, You have to hold the Enter key on your keyboard, and unplug your keyboard while holding the enter key. As soon as you do so, your Steering Wheel should start working again.

For the second fix, You have to make sure your wheel is connected directly to your pc. Use a USB 3.0 port.

The third fix is for Thrustmaster users. Unplug your wheel, completely uninstall the Thrustmaster drivers from my PC, and replug the steering wheel again. The ‘controller disconnected’ should go away, and FFB should start working too. You might the button/axis mappings to be off. You need to readjust them manually, and you will also need to enable ‘Invert force feedback’ in the Advanced Controls section.

Finally, if none of these work, then you need to do the most basic. You need to check whether your PC is even detecting the controller or not.

  1. Type ‘Control Panel’ on your search bar and open it
  2. Click on Hardware and Sound
  3. Select Device and Printers
  4. If your PC has detected the controller, then it should appear there
  5. I have my PS5 dualsense controller connected to my PC, and it shows up here:
    Windows 10 - Controller detected
  6. If you don’t see your controller here, you need to plug it in a different USB port. Again, use a 3.0 one.

Try these fixes, and let me know in the comment section below if you managed to solve your problem or not

That’s all folks!

Last Updated on July 20, 2022

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  1. Already had my wheel and pedal usb connectors in 3.0 ports, they are recognized by PC and have up to date firmware; the keyboard trick did not work. I never had this problem in FH4.

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