Fortnite Battle Royale – Cannon And Jetpack Bug – What Is It And Is There Any Fix?

Online games have always known to give birth to all sorts of bugs and glitches. Same is the case with Fortnite. Ever since Fortnite came out, it’s players have experienced massive amount of bugs and glitches and you can say that they are now used to it. And we cannot blame Epic for this. Fortnite is known to be rich with content and it gets updated every week. So it is almost impossible for the developers to figure out every single bug before releasing an update.

A new bug has surfaced in Fortnite. This bug is actually causing players to get eliminated if they use the cannon and the jetpack at the same time. Epic added cannons to Fortnite in Season 8 and they have become one of the most convenient modes of traveling across the map ever since. But this bug is actually forcing players to stay away from the cannons and we can tell that it is super frustrating. So what is this cannon and jetpack bug? Can you fix it?

Fortnite Battle Royale – Cannon And Jetpack Bug – What Is It And Is There Any Fix?

What is the Cannon and Jetpack bug?

A lot of players have been reporting a weird bug lately. What they are saying is that they suddenly died as soon as they landed on ground after shooting themselves from the cannon and used the jetpack while they were in the air. A user called sfxhewitt15 has already posted a video showing this bug. In the video you would be able to clearly see that he immediately got eliminated as soon he landed on the ground and he had a jetpack.

What is the reason behind the Cannon and Jetpack bug?

Well, what seems to be happening here is when a player is shooting himself from the pirate cannon he moving at a really high speed. But after using the jetpack, the system for some reason is detecting the landing as a free fall. And we all know what happens when you fall from a height in Fortnite. So as soon as players are landing they are getting eliminated.

Is there any fix for this bug?

First of all, it is hard to say whether this is actually a bug or not. The pirate cannon already launches you at great speeds and you can travel great distances, using the jetpack will only add up to the speed and players might start abusing this mechanism. Epic has not addressed this bug yet so we cannot say when a fix to this bug will actually arrive. The only solution to this bug for the time being is to stop using jetpacks. You can also keep an eye on the Fortnite Reddit page and track what other players have to say about this.

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